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Have you decided to open a private clinic of aesthetic medicine?

Congratulations! However, you should realize that in this matter no specialists who can help you! Choosing a place for the clinic, design, logistics, not to mention the very organization of the care and service relies solely on you, doctor or owner! You will open a new clinic! There are good news for customers - your potential patients, but bad news for you, because you get into the vortex of the competition! You will not get to medicine! You will get to business! Of course, you quickly realize that mistake with space for clinics, bought that you do not need and do not buy what you need, feel the urgent need for setting up logistics processes - who does which things where it comes from and where it turns out, see how many you need except the ability to heal!

Dear friends! I can teach it to you today!

You can order my project for your clinic, I can give you advice on the choice of facilities, equipment and tools; You can steer me employees on education and training and I introduce everything we do with that, what we have learned and have achieved for 10 years! Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Myroslava Novosilska Training Center is your service! After such education and training you can use the acquired knowledge as you want! However, if you want to open a five-star hospital, I can consider your candidacy for a potential partnership!

You can buy my franchise, right to work named "Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Myroslava Novosilska“! When you pass this competition and I will sign a contract with you, you have to work according to the rules! Then our achievements will be yours and your problems will be our! Our goal is to become the most influential brand in the world! Welcome to the team of ambitious and caring owners!

The owner of the franchise

PE Novosilska Myroslava Mironivna

The first company wa founded in 2017


I suggest to operate under the name International Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Myroslava Novosilska

Project summary of cosmetic clinic

"Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Myroslava Novosilska is a leading clinic which provides a wide range of high quality aesthetic services. This is a complex, which alongs with medical and ancillary facilities including cozy lounges and parking in the yard of the clinic. Qualitatively new level of process dermatological patients and its outcome provided a total coordinated work of highly skilled physicians dermatologists, aestheticians, plastic surgeons. Because of narrow specialization of our professionals they have an ability to maintain and improve their knowledge and qualification requirements based on the latest achievements of world and European and Israeli dermatology and cosmetology. Nowadays the «Aesthetic Medicine Clinic by Myroslava Novosilska» is a brand.

Target audience

Target audience is a family with midddle average and high average income. It is possible to say that the family has, on the one hand, children from 2 to 18, and the other - grandparents. However, the main target audience conists of business owners, executives and managers as well as young professionals who consciously choose the way or, most likely, not cheap, aesthetic clinic because they share its views or priorities: clinical concept is narrowly focused, high sterilization and, most importantly, the reputation of the clinic institution fulfills its promises.

Partnership for a franchise are:

The cost and terms of partnership

The license for the right to operate under brand to use the trademark, clinical concepts, business models and reputation.

The cost and terms of partnership office

The license for the right to operate under brand to use the trademark, clinical concepts, business models and reputation.

The following format of cooperation provides: