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Beauty is not in the facial features, clothing or its number. It is not in the accessories and labels. It is in a beauty of a smile, a kind word, the light that comes from the heart. Beauty is the strength of spirit and mind, being self-confident, being sure that you are beautiful, and knowing that each of your flaws makes you unique. You can admire the beauty of others, but this fact should not devalue your own personality. Like your body, your face, your strengths and your strangeness. Love and accept yourself. The true beauty is a beauty love and inner harmony. You're beautiful!!!


We invite you to Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Myroslava Novosilska. We adhere to this principle, our motto is "Beauty is in Harmony"

Our team

Novosilska Miroslava Mironivna

The owner and founder of the Clinic

Candidate of Medical Sciences, dermatologist-oncologist, trichologist, specialist in contouring plastic surgery.

Certified coach of the Italian company Phitogen.

Member of the Polish Anti-Age Medical Society

Mariya Myronivna Lozinska

Office Manager

Social activity

As part of a social project "Scars of War !!!" Dr. Myroslava Novosilska offers help to men who took part in the ATO and suffered from terrorism in Ukraine ... People with lots of fresh wounds, which will became scars then, are offered to be serviced in Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Myroslava Novosilska for free, if they book an appointment previously.

Treatment uses the latest medications which are used in aesthetic medicine. The project lasts for three years, during that time there were achieved some important results ... "I am going to continue this project until 2019. I am also going to complement treatment of several other places in the treatment protocol, using those technologies that were representated in Congress. I want the children on the streets not to be afraid and not to point the finger at men with scars on their faces, but I want these men to be objects of proudness and respected for having protected us and our Motherland. " - announced PhD, doctor of aesthetic medicine, dermatologist-oncologist Myroslava Novosilska at the International Congress in Turkey, which presented unique results with difficult scars and traces of the past three years.