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19 2019

Rosacea or pink acne


Manifested in the established central office of the central part of the guise and teleangelic, the appearance of the papulo-papular character, the emergence of the secession of the harp and tissue.

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12 2019

Diving Beauty-help

March 10, a charity event for women and mothers of fallen soldiers in the ATO

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24 2019


It seems a little word frightens a modern woman like a climax. It often seems that this life stage marks almost an official "end" of full-fledged life and the arrival of true old age. But is it true? And should women be frightened of this natural process? Or perhaps it's better to take control of your own life and decide how your body will feel and work? Now, in 2019, this is quite possible. And even if (or when) you still enter the new, climacteric period of your life, you are able to make it as comfortable as possible. And we will tell you how.

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