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В клинике эстетической медицины Мирославы Новосельского Вы можете приобрести качественную косметику мировых брендов по приятным ценам.


Консультація дерматолога, трихолога

Facial care

Mechanical and ultrasonic face cleansing, moisturizing and refreshing masks.

Contoured plastic

Injection method for face shape correction using hyaluronic acid based on filer-based preparations


A procedure that improves the condition of the hair and skin by the injection of special preparations and vitamin cocktails under the scalp


A method of removing keratinous cells from the skin surface, which accelerates all metabolic processes in the epidermis and dermis

Therapeutic massage

The course of massage will help in the fight against diseases

Medicine Permanent makeup

A permanent make-up applied on the face, the eyebrows area, eyelids or lips

Body care

Depilation, facial cleansing, carboxytherapy, lipomodexifying, regeneration, masks, wax epilation

Dermatovenereology services

Advicing, cryotherapy, electrodegradation


The task of podology is to detect pathological changes at early stages and to eliminate them by therapeutic methods

Seamless FLU hair transplant

Seamless FLU hair transplant

Intimate plastic

Intimate Plastic (IP) is the direction of plastic surgery, the main purpose of which is the correction of aesthetic defects, as well as the elimination of physical vices of the genital organs.

Hairdressing services

Hairdressing is an ability to give joy, beauty and positive emotions.

Increase of male genital organs without operations

Increase of the penis without operations, by the method of lipofilling.


Sclerotherapy - non-surgical treatment of varicose veins, vascular "asterisks" on the legs (telangiectasia)

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