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Training center

Training center

Myroslava Novosilska conducts Individual training with the issuance of certificates "Fundamentals of Trichology"


Practical intensive. Duration of training 3 days.

Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Myroslava Novoselska Training Center is successful author’s project. This young team consists of autoritative scientists, researchers and practitioners. It is built for the target audience - STI doctors, cosmetologists, gynecologists, aesthetes.

The mission is in an introduction to the professional field of copyright techniques comprehensive prevention and treatment of age-related changes. There are modern material and technical base, equipped with modern material and technical equipment on the basis.

The model of seminars by Training Center was successfully developed, which included theoretical part, practical master classes and videotranslation remote offices, operating on volunteer models. Stydying is performed by school teachers and invited experts from all successful world. Stydying provides training with regard to mastering author advanced technology and techniques, as well as acquisition of practical skills needed in the profession.

The project:


Special project for teens !!! Every Friday !!!

Topics of classes:

  1. Winter facial dress code.
  2. Top 5 rules for skin care.
  3. What attracts us in the opposite sex? Cosmetologist recommends.
  4. How to resist the vagaries of weather?
  5. Thatch your roof before the rain begins! When are you going to start a skin care?
  6. Keeping youth, health and beauty for years to come!
  7. Lack of vitamins. How to preserve the health and beauty ???
  8. Winter vacation: methods and tools for daily care


Schedule of seminars