StratoSphere shape corrections – Kill Cellulite & Tighten Skin


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New German device for body shaping – StratoSphere

Your transformation will be natural, because Stratosphere was created taking into account the latest developments in the field of hardware aesthetic massage.


The procedure is non-invasive and physiological. The massage is performed using a small amount of oil or on a suit covering your body. Following the lymphatic drainage lines, the masseur moves a cylinder-manipulator on the client’s body.

The manipulator featuring 10 rows of symmetrically located mini-spheres made from medical silicone creates the verified sinusoidal influence.

The pressure on the skin is strictly dosed and is determined by the weight of the manipulator.

Stratosphere technology provides the closest possible contact with skin, which allows to effectively treat those layers that are rarely exposed to exercise or diet.


The spheres’ rotation generates micro vibrations and enhances the process of fat burning.

The Stratosphere reduces excitability of the nervous system. The client relaxes, the body’s processes are brought to the level of balance.


  • strengthening blood circulation and saturation of cells with oxygen
  • enabling natural outflow of metabolic products and excess fluid
  • eliminating stagnation effects
  • reducing subcutaneous fat

During the manipulator operation micro vibration is generated, which contributes directly to the breakdown of fat deposits.

In addition:

During the procedure, the patient relaxes to the fullest.

Blood circulation improves, body cells are saturated with oxygen.

Any stagnant phenomena decrease.

And, of course, subcutaneous fat significantly reduces.

The effectiveness of procedures with the use of Stratosphere device has been clinically proven by the independent laboratory Dermscan. According to the study held in 2019, which involved women of all ages and physiques, after 12 procedures:

  • 100% of women reported an increase in skin elasticity and resilience
  • 100% of women noticed improvements in silhouette
  • 90% of women reported smoothing of the “orange peel “skin
  • 80% of women confirmed the reduction of cellulite
  • 90% of women experienced the weight loss effect

Produced in Germany – high quality is guaranteed!

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