It may seem that the nail is a trifle, and eventually it brings a lot of trouble, which is manifested in purulent discharge, in severe cases, a gangrene and the final result of the amputee may also occur.

If you are still in this situation, you need to contact the experienced specialists to make sure you do not even hurt yourself! Treatment of this kind is engaged in a podium. The task of this is to remove the part of the nail, causing less pain and, if possible, not injuring soft tissues. In this case, the optimal treatment option is tamponade of fingers. A counselor chooses the right method of treatment in any situation.

The cause of onochocroptosis disease is:

-correct care.



-deformation of fingers.

The discomfort that a person can feel when there is an ingrown nail:

– in the place of nail growth during walking (sometimes and in a state of rest)

-location of pus from the nail plate.

Redness and puffiness on the skin of fingers.

In order to avoid the onychocroptosis disease, it should be avoided. For this it is necessary:

-to keep personal hygiene

– comfortable shoes.

-just to do a pedicure and apply home-care feet.

Very often in the occurrence of onychocystosis disease we are to blame for ourselves, because we do not know how to properly take care of your legs, or even timely and properly cut nails. As a result, the nail roll is swollen.

Since childhood, we are taught to crop our nails, if you cut the nail very briefly, it’s likely that it will grow into soft tissue, so be careful about such an everyday business that you will not then come across such an unpleasant disease as onychocryptosis.


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