Cryomassage of faces with balls

Massage is performed with crystal balls, filled with low-temperature, non-freezing liquid, harmless to the skin. Balls perform several functions:

  • soothes the pain;
  • narrow the capillary vessels and pores;
  • increase skin tone;
  • reduce her puffiness;
  • eliminate accumulation of fluid in tissues;
  • disinfect;

Massage recommended:

  • For the orbital zone (area around the eyes): eliminate accumulation of fluid and reduce swelling, relieve redness and eye fatigue.
  • After deep cleansing of the face and peeling, prevent the appearance of negative effects after the procedure. The balls are “rolled” along the direction of the lymph flow paths, which makes the lymphatic drainage of the face. Used together with biological preparations, essential oils and means that “love” cold.
  • For the treatment of erythema and cuperosis.
  • It is recommended to use them over certain drugs to narrow the capillaries.
  • After aesthetic surgery, contouring plastics to prevent hematomas and edema.
  • After chemical or laser peeling to reduce the effect of redness.


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