Give beauty – help us

“Give beauty – help us” ??. It was under such a slogan that a unique social action took place on the territory of the Lviv, Rivne, Transcarpathian and Ternopil regions from the team of the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine Myroslava Novosilska.


It will lie in the fact that every month we visit one home for the elderly with a rather unusual mission – we give care to the local residents and we want to give them the opportunity to feel themselves young and beautiful, to feel a little cares, to try things that have never been before, never before. did not try This is a facial massage, cosmetology, manicure, pedicure, hairdressing services – procedures that raise the mood and confidence of any woman.

Yesterday’s trip was held, and we are filled with happiness for a whole month. The Clinic staff together with friends and clients who became our volunteers a few days before the trip brought presents – products and hygiene products for the elderly. And we went to Petrykivsky geriatric boarding house of the Ternopil region. In which 175 patients live, about 80 of them are lying. They made us a surprise. In addition, they also paid attention to the hospice workers who care about the old ones. Thank you Olga Naumova, Olga Shaimardanova, Oryza Korotkevych for responding to and supporting the needs of the needy, our photographer, who paid all attention and recorded wonderful moments and such important emotions as Elena Dyakov, you are the first photographer who showed the very desire to go with us for free ???? , Ulyana Ace – appreciate your desire to go and help together; Nata Vena thank you for the work, rehabilitants are very much needed by these people; Veronika Kulshinskaya, the clever, found herself and shared with us the desire to help despite the night shift before the event. Maria Lozynska and Zoryana Salamaha have their only weekend, presented to the residents of the boarding house, and it inspires !!! We are often glad to see such institutions this time, we spent all day together with the sensible doctors of the institution Igor Kohut and Natalia Koval, thank the director, we understand that this institution can look only at the true owner. We especially thank Tsepenjuk family for coordinating our work, it is nice that you are with us. We invite everybody to join us, on September 29 we are in Ivano-Frankivsk.


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