Hydrafacial is instrument room procedure for cleaning, peeling-off and deep moistening of skin of all after 30-60min. it is possible to use as an alternative the mechanical cleaning and soft пілінгу, intensively and deeply moistens a skin. Hydrafacial, as well as any other procedure, begun with diagnostics: a cosmetologist examines a skin and makes decision, that will be a supervision. On it the choice of attachments of HydraPeel (they are different – for exfoliation, extraction, moistening, for the different types of skin) and serums depends that will be inflicted on a skin. Procedure consists of 3 stages: the First stage is the primary cleaning of skin from contaminations, her common rejuvenation, smoothing of relief and removal of depigmentation. Simultaneously with cleaning of epiphases of epidermis there is moistening of skin with the help of intensive serums that is given directly through attachments. Tone of skin rises with the help of vacuum, a microcirculation gets better, the effect of ліфтингу is arrived at. There is the deeper cleaning on the second stage. The use of the special serums extends pores and softens eel and “black dots” (комедони) that then easily “stretch” under the action of vacuum, not abandoning a morning on a skin. In addition, the active components of serums regulate work of oil-glands simultaneously, remove inflammation and дезінфікують skin, quckly cicatrization . The third stage is fully sent to the feed and defence of skin. Through the extended pores in the skin of вприскуються nourishing components, antioxidants rejuvenating serums, composition of that is picked up by a doctor taking into account a problem that needs to be decided. In addition to serums masks that also sneak up a specialist can be used. As a result of procedure pores narrow, a skin is illuminated and shines, looks healthier and junior. The process of cellregenerating is besides started, shallow wrinkles and other visual lacks of skin are removed, there is a lift-effect.

Shows for realization of procedure : I acne – II degree of weight the state of postacne greasy porous skin dry or water-free skin polychromia dyskeratosis edema of face of aging of skin unwell-groomed, muddy skin


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