The victims of the injuries of beauty is greater

The journalist “VZ” turned 25-year-old Olivia Olivia, who became a victim of the cosmetic procedure – instead of a loose mouth got “skewed” lips, and inside the upper (on the inside) – mini “peas”. The girl has long dreamed of increasing her lips, they say it is fashionable and beautiful. Girlfriends have advised a few beauty salons, but there the procedure for increasing lips costs from 120 euros. Olga did not come up with the price, so he was looking for cheaper options on the Internet. Found a wizard who increases his lips by filer for half a thousand hryvnia. The fact that the master is working at home, Olga did not care …


“I was not given local anesthesia, it was terrible,” the girl said. – After the procedure, the lips became a little bigger, and the next day they … got worse. In the upper lip were small “nuts”, which compressed when compressed. He turned to the wizard, asked in good faith to resolve the issue – either to compensate for the damage, or correct the defect for free. But the grief-doctor flatly refused. They say, I’m the first to complain about her “work”, advised to go to the clinic, where the “three skins” will be stripped for the procedure. He went to the aesthetist in the clinic. He paid one euro for lips correction. ”


As the “VZ” doctor of medical sciences, the injector of contouring plastic Miroslav Novosilskaya, told “VZ”, in recent years in Ukraine “basement beauty salons” and unskilled masters who have the faces of girls quit. “I myself often had to correct the consequences of someone else’s work,” says Ms. Myroslava. – Can I get the wizard to fix the drawback? Everything depends on the particular situation. If the client signs a consent to certain manipulations before the procedure, the doctor gives clear guidelines, which are obligatory to follow the instructions after the rehabilitation period, and the patient ignores all these things, then, accordingly, he is responsible for himself. If the doctor says that alcohol, saunas, solarium are contraindicated after a certain period of time, and the client next day falls on the beach under the sun and drinks cocktails, then, alas, there will be a risk of negative consequences. ”


The dermatologist of the highest category, Zhanna Prykhodko, says that the victims of “beauty injections” are bigger, because the needles are taken … hairdressers and even masters of manicure. “Has gotten special courses, where for a symbolic fee (3-5 thousand hryvnias) they teach how to lick the lips, how to rejuvenate the face with the help of hyaluronic acid, or, for example, to remove pigmented spots,” emphasizes Ms. Zhanna. – The training lasts approximately a week. Unfortunately, those courses are those who do not have medical education. Not surprisingly, after such courses, “for a needle” are taken by the masters who yesterday did in the manicure salons. So what can be the consequences? Such “masters” primarily do not know anatomy of the face. Can not inoculate not in that nerve (atrophy of the nerve), or to block a muscle. In some cases there may be blindness and even death. ”


Contouring plastic, says Ms. Zhanna, do not have the right to engage in people without medical education. This is the work of dermatologists. Such procedures should go only in specialized clinics, and the doctor should have a license. Zhanna Prikhodko emphasizes: Despite the experience and experience, a professional doctor always calls the client the day after the procedure, wondering if everything is alright.


Experts working in the field of aesthetic cosmetology, in one voice say: to make the grief-wise fix flaw is almost unrealistic. If he is conscientious and cherishes his reputation – he will correct or even advise a colleague who will do everything in his own way. Some unscrupulous masters, as a rule, outfit their clients. Like, you want a qualitative procedure – go to a specialized clinic, pay in cash desk, get a check and when something – treat the documents to court. If “beauty spells” were done at home or in the basement – then what kind of compensation can be said? .


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