Microblogging eyebrow

This method is ideally suited to those who have too thin or thin eyebrows and want to improve contour or density. Microblending also provides a more natural look, as the lines are as similar to natural hairs, regardless of the number of their own.

This unique hand-tattoo technique allows you to adjust the shape, add space for your own eyebrows, make the liquid eyebrows more dense and give them a beautiful, well-kept natural look.

To date, there are many myths about this procedure. The technique leaves scars. This can happen if you do the procedure deeper than you can. Otherwise, everything goes away and nothing remains, as evidenced by our own experience and customer experience.

Some people think that microblinding and tattooing are the same thing. Microblending and tattooing are not identical procedures. They differ significantly in the technique of drawing and the subsequent result.

Not knowing which procedure is best to choose: bio tattoo 6d, micropigmentation or microblinding. How to deal with this?

It is very easy to understand this issue, since it’s different names of the same manual technique. Various salons can offer the same service under a different marketing name. But all this reflects the very essence of one process. What can really distinguish this service is the quality of the pigments, the professionalism of the wizard, the attitude to the safety of the client.

Color may not fit, change, become green, blue, orange, etc. In a professional approach, everyday changes in color do not occur throughout the term. Gradually the shade loses its brightness and clarity. The only uncomfortable time during the procedure is to apply the pigment when there is a feeling of pinching for a few seconds.

“How will I go to work or go on vacation after the procedure, will swelling, redness, skin?” This is more of a tattoo. In manual techniques, the formation of the skin occurs 2-3 days after the procedure and is held, usually 5-7 days. Moreover, the skin is thinner and less noticeable than after a tattoo. Eyebrow care during this period should be solely based on the advice of a specialist. Comfortable healing for 5-6 days and an aesthetic look for this period.

To obtain the best possible result after healing of microbanding requires:

– Do not rub eyelashes for 5 days

– do not peel

– Do not use cosmetic products in the area of ??eyebrows

After 6 days it is possible to wash your eyebrows and the result will not make you wait.


This procedure is recommended in the following cases:

– asymmetry of eyebrows;

– too thin eyebrows;

– Insufficient density of eyebrows;

– wrong form;

– too bright or almost imperceptible hairs;

– complete absence of eyebrows;

– overlapping of an unsuccessful (old) tattoo

There are also several factors that influence the duration of the manual tattoo effect, namely:

– the depth of the laid pigment

– the correct implementation of all stages of the procedure

– client’s preparation of the procedure for the client

– skin type

– the state of the immune system

– proper care during healing

– care during the first year

Practice shows that on average this period is 7-16 months. If you want to extend this period, you should use SPF 50 facial sunblock.


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