Postpartum Skin Care: The Secrets to Pigmentation, Stretch Marks and More

Well, pregnancy and childbirth behind, baby snoops in bed and you can finally take care of yourself, sweetheart, and

its body, which created this, without exaggeration, the miracle of a new life.

It is the female body that gets most during pregnancy. The changes that the female is going through

organism for 9 months and during childbirth – cardinal and often traumatic. And so take care of him

after the work done, it is necessary to be especially careful and careful.

Most often, after pregnancy, women are confronted with an approximately “standard” set of problems that

it is necessary to solve:

– Dryness and sensitivity or, conversely, increased oily skin

– Pigmentation (including genitals)

– Acne

– Stretch marks

It is worth noting that during the breastfeeding period your cosmetic toolkit in the care

skin and body are still significantly restricted. That is why you will be able to complete the restoration

your body after this stage of your baby life. However, it is possible to start after delivery

the first steps in returning yourself to the usual form.

Our first tip is to consult a professional dermatologist, esthetician, or dentist

cosmetologist. This step will be the guarantee of the most competent and properly selected

care. Thus, the result will be faster and more obvious.

Generate the right home care kit. Your skin most likely changed its type by

Pregnancy and the habits you used to use before may no longer fit you. To

for example, if you had oily or combination skin before pregnancy, and after birth you already have

dealing with dry and sensitive skin. Start with this home-based foundation.

Remember, you need a cleanser, a toner, an active ingredient serum and

moisturizing cream. A sunscreen is a must for a day. Avoid tools with retinol

and retinoids – they are contraindicated for the period of breastfeeding. Instead, you can actively

use vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, centella sera, etc. Means allowed

with ANA acids.

By the way, it is high quality vitamin C and ANA acids that can be your true helpers in the fight

with pigmentation. Often, skin darkening and melasma gradually disappear from the skin after childbirth.

However, if this does not happen or you just want to speed up the process mentioned above

the ingredients will help. The main thing is to choose high quality preparations and use

sunscreen is a must if you want to get rid of discoloration on

skin. If you have stopped breastfeeding, you are at the center of breastfeeding

peels, whitening and mesotherapy. These techniques have already proven effective in combating pigmentation


A separate issue is the pigmentation of the labia and the inner thighs. During pregnancy these

parts of the female body also change their appearance. And not always for the better. Yes, over time the color

will return to its normal state. However, there are times when this does not happen or the woman does

remains dissatisfied with the appearance of their genitals. In that case, you

professional cosmetology and special injection procedures will help. In particular, using

specialty Hyaluronic Acid Cocktails that will also help restore tone and

increase the sensitivity of the labia, which is especially important after traumatic birth.


And of course, stretch marks. Tackling this problem is probably one of the most difficult and time consuming

and your efforts. Collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid creams will be of help here

etc. The main thing is to fight stretch marks while they are still “fresh”. Over time, you can move on to more

invasive procedures – mesotherapy, laser grinding, etc.

In general, modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine have sufficient tools to

to make a woman recover from pregnancy and childbirth as comfortable and fast as possible.

The main thing is the desire of the mother herself and the willingness to give her enough time and attention. Then – any

goals are attainable.



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