The beginning of pregnancy and skin changes: What “surprises” a woman prepares for her own hormones

The beginning of pregnancy and skin changes: what “surprises” a woman may face because of her own hormones

Desired, long-awaited and such joyful news – you are pregnant! A new page of your life begins here. Incredible number of changes, discoveries, new impressions and emotions are coming ahead. There will be a lot of changes in your body, in your appearance, and even in your worldview because you will perceive things differently.

However, the first changes will happen inside you, at the deepest-hormonal-level. In fact, these are the hormonal balance changes that will lead to the first tangible changes in your appearance. Estrogen and progesterone, which are the main hormones of pregnancy, will be the main “culprits” of your body changes. Estrogen level falls and progesterone level rises.

What body and skin changes should be expected at the very beginning of pregnancy? Firstly, we should admit that every woman is unique and the peculiarities of pregnancy may be individual. Some women get shiny skin, radiant glow and blush in their cheeks while others suffer from the most unexpected and often negative changes.

However, if to speak in general, a sharp fall/decrease of estrogen level affects the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body. As a result, your skin can become significantly drier and more sensitive and you may notice loss of skin elasticity and turgor pressure. Moreover, early estrogen deficiency can affect nails and hair. We may often hear pregnant women complaining about hair loss and nail fragility. Unfortunately, it is a natural process and it accompanies 9 months of pregnancy. In addition, it will be quite difficult to fight with these problems because the range of products for pregnant women is limited. That is why it is recommended to take special care and nourish your skin, hair and nails intensively before planning pregnancy. You should create sort of “supply” which will help to make childbearing as painless and smooth as possible.

During pregnancy certain hormones, which are responsible for “softening” pelvic bonds/ring/bones and preparing generic routes for childbirth, can affect your skin. Unfortunately, it also softens skin fibers. Combined with natural body size augmentation it causes skin stretches. Belly and chest are high-risk areas. Some signs may also appear on thighs and buttocks. This problem becomes apparent at later stages of pregnancy. Frankly speaking, you cannot protect yourself from stretches completely if your skin is genetically prone to them. It is advisable to use moisturizers and special creams. Regular usage is a key factor of success in this case.

Progesterone helps to maintain pregnancy. Estrogen level falls in the pregnant body, but progesterone level rises. Hence, there is increased risk of acne even if you did not experience skin or body rash before pregnancy. But calm down: your skin will return to its normal condition after the birth and the end of breastfeeding.

During the first stages of pregnancy women often complain about a rather unexpected thing such as palms and feet redness and itching. These changes are related with the hormonal imbalance and increased blood flow to these parts of the body. Although these feelings may be uncomfortable and unpleasant, be sure that they do not bring any harm and any danger to your health and health of your baby.

Actually, all the above mentioned changes of a pregnant body are neither dangerous nor harmful. In any case, it will be good if you use high-quality moisturizers. You may also consult a cosmetologist or a dermatologist who will choose the most appropriate, safe and effective care for this special period of your life.

In conclusion we would like to say that such hormonal changes may cause a lot of discomfort during 9 months of pregnancy. However, these are the hormonal changes that enable our body to adapt and to switch to such a delicate mode and to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.


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