Prevention of melanoma

Melanoma is a dangerous form of skin cancer, its metastases penetrate other parts of the body.

Diseases of the skin can begin in anyone, but most people are exposed to light skin and light, red hair. Also under the risk group are people who very much like to sunbathe in the sun, often visit the solarium and those who in childhood and adolescence burned on the beach.

Melanoma can occur in people of different ages, including adolescents. This is a dangerous disease that requires immediate treatment. In most cases malignant formation is localized on the skin, it is not difficult to detect it in the initial stage.


The first symptom of growing melanoma is an increase in lymph nodes,

the increase in the pigmented spot (papilloma) and its densification are the first and most constant signs of malignant transformation of birthmarks.


Often, next to the growing pigment spot, there are other small nodules, more often pigmented.


Particular importance is attached to pigmented or non-pigmented radial proliferation, diverging from the primary tumor in different directions and carries with it the spread of the process into the surrounding normal skin and neighboring


A study conducted by scientists showed that melanoma often appears de novo, that is, not damaged by the skin. Therefore, if you think that you have no moles and do not fall under the risk group, we recommend that you do not forget to follow and treat your health with care!


You can recognize melanoma using the ABCDE rule developed by oncologists.


A – asymmetry


B- the border of a mole




D- diameter


E- evolution of moles


Prevention of the disease is needed by all people especially those who have a lot of birthmarks on their skin.




Every half a year visit a dermatologist for a general examination of moles


– Sunglasses with a high UVA and UVB protection factor (50 or more). Protection must be applied


only on moles, but also on the entire body and face.


-divers should not be during a strong heat on the street, and even more so when the active sun bakes.


On the head it is necessary to dress the panamas and to spread the delicate skin of the baby with special creams.


It is important to remember that the prevention of melanoma begins right after birth!


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