Dermatoscopy for the prevention and diagnosis of skin cancer

Medical cosmetology: Dermatoscopy in the prevention and diagnosis of skin cancer

Cosmetology today is not only a way to improve your appearance or solve certain aesthetic problems. Modern cosmetology has long passed into the category of health. Especially in the diagnosis and detection of skin diseases of varying complexity.

So, one of the most effective and popular methods of diagnosis and monitoring of skin diseases in cosmetology is now dermatoscopy.

Dermatoscopy is the newest technique of early non-invasive skin diagnostics for the presence of dangerous neoplasms. Its main goal is the detection and prevention of melanoma, which today is among the most dangerous types of cancer. And it is the early diagnosis of this disease that is the key to effective and effective treatment. The dermatoscope in this diagnosis often plays a key role.

At its core, the dermatoscope is a state-of-the-art magnifying device that allows the doctor to clearly see any tumors or suspicious tracks on the patient’s skin as clearly as possible. Usually the following factors become the basis for dermatoscopy diagnostics:

– The presence of a significant amount of pigment spots – they often precede the appearance of melanoma, and therefore should be under constant monitoring of doctors. The same applies to birthmarks, which suddenly begin to change size, color, or cause discomfort (for example, itching). Such a symptomatology should immediately become an occasion to contact a dermatologist or a qualified cosmetologist for diagnosis by a dermatoscope.

– The presence of a large accumulation of moles, damaged or moles “irregular” forms – they are one of the main “precursors” of skin cancer, and therefore also need to control specialists and regular diagnosis.

– Neoplasm on the skin – any deviations from the “normal” skin condition should be a signal for you and an excuse to turn to specialists. Warts, papillomas, incomprehensible spots, etc. should be examined as soon as possible. In this case, the dermatoscope is the optimal variant, which will help diagnose the disease, if it exists, and orient in the issue of the necessary treatment option.

– Suspicion of melanoma – dermatoscope will help confirm or deny such a diagnosis.

The procedure itself is the most comfortable, quick and painless. In fact, the doctor examines the suspicious area of ??the skin under the magnifying device, which additionally generates a powerful light beam and allows you to consider neoplasms or any other suspicious fragment in as much detail as possible. The effectiveness of the procedure is proved – the dermatoscope allows you to diagnose skin diseases with an accuracy of 80%. And this is without invasive or painful procedures.

In addition, an important factor is the further monitoring of skin condition. So, the dermatoscope, which is used in the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine of Dr. Myroslava Novosilska, allows you to take pictures of the sites undergoing the examination and, thus, monitor changes in the size, color or condition of the neoplasms. The specialists of the Clinic recommend to undergo such examinations twice a year – approximately in December and April. Especially relevant this method of diagnosis is for people with fair skin and those who are particularly sensitive to the sun’s rays


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