Dermatology and cosmetology


Beautiful and healthy skin

Facial care is a combination of procedures designed to skin strengthen and rejuvenate. For any woman, a beautiful and healthy skin is like her business card, so it is very important to begin to look after the face without waiting for the first wrinkles. Regular and qualitative care helps to prevent the appearance of such imperfections of the skin as black dots, wrinkles, excessive dryness and stiffness of the skin, rashes and pimples.

Skin care can be varied depending on age and face type, ranging from the use of a simple cleanser and cream, to more weighty procedures in the office by a beautician.


CO2 procedure

This procedure is an analogue to a non-injection biorevitalization – CO2 skin saturation.

Luxury natural cosmetics delicately renew the skin, refreshing the complexion.

The procedure consists of two stages:

  • peeling
  • therapy

Result: The skin is regenerated and restored, the result is already noticeable after the first procedure – the skin is soft, pleasant to touch, tender and moisturized, it shines with health and freshness. The microcirculation of blood vessels is activated, and the skin is detoxified.

Indications include even smoker’s skin, dull, earthy complexion, dry and dehydrated skin.

Carboxy Therapy

The complex action of the components of Carboxy Therapy procedure based on three types of gels helps improve the state of skin: prevents the first signs of aging, removes toxins, reduces acne, pigmentation and couperose, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

The procedure will help reduce the signs of photoaging, as well as give the skin a light lifting effect, stimulate epidermal cells to regenerate, thereby improving the state of skin. It helps the body get rid of harmful toxins. Reduces the problem of acne and post-acne, prevents the formation of couperose. Anti-aging properties of the procedure: smoothes deep wrinkles, restores skin elasticity, accelerates collagen production. Reduces the size and appearance of scars.

It is completely painless and leaves no marks on the skin.

The course consists of 10 procedures with 1-week interval.


Hydroxytherapy nourishes skin epidermis, enriching skin with oxygen and triggers the processes of quality and long-term hydration of epidermal cells, stimulates the process of accelerated cell replacement with new ones, and activates restoration of the skin’s natural defence against the harmful effects of everyday factors.

A unique formula of ingredients used in the procedure, containing products that promote the production of collagen and elastin naturally, increases turgor and reduce the pronounced appearance of postoperative scars. Due to hydroxytherapy the distance between blood vessels increases, which is due to decreased muscle tone of the vascular wall. Due to this procedure, the capillary network and skin cells are enriched with oxygen, which stimulates the cleansing and rejuvenation of the epidermal layers.

The course consists of 10 procedures, with frequency of no more than 1 procedure a week.


Milia are whiteheads. They look like a dense, small, white ball.Such formations do not threaten health, but they do not aesthetically either.

Causes of milia

The appearance of milia occurs due to blockage of hair follicle and sebaceous glands by horny masses. The whiteheads usually appear during puberty, but it also happens at a much more mature age. Interestingly, women are more prone to this nasty disease than men. Usually the cause of milia is improper skin care, but in can also be provoked by comedogenic cosmetics, dry skin, improper skin cleansing, excessive sebum secretion. All these factors, affecting the skin, do not allow sebum to come out, and it clogs pores, forming a white seal – a milium.

The most common and most effective way to get rid of milia is a mechanical removal, which should be performed by a cosmetologist. In general, the whole procedure consists of thorough cleansing, disinfection of skin and removal of milia. The cosmetologist pierces the milium with a sterile needle and removes its contents. Only an experienced cosmetologist will be able to remove them without damaging other layers of skin.

Collagen mask

The struggle of women with aging and its consequences is always relevant. And, as you know, in this fight, all means are suitable. One of these remedies is collagen face masks.

This substance plays a very important role in a human body. However, as we become older, this element is produced in less quantity.

This is especially evident on our skin: its elasticity and turgor reduces, it becomes dry and wrinkled.

Collagen mask has the following properties, among others:

  • * activation of metabolism;
  • excretion of toxins;
  • hydration;
  • smoothing of facial wrinkles;
  • prevention of new wrinkles;
  • accelerating the healing process of cracks and wounds;
  • prevention of rough scars;
  • skin recovery after peeling;
  • tightening and skin tone maintenance

This cosmetic procedure is especially suitable for fading, dehydrated and dry skin.

The procedure is active and, accordingly, alongside the indications, it also has contraindications. You should not use such masks if you have inflammatory processes, cuts, abrasions, allergic reactions. However, when solving these problems, collagen masks can be used.

Effects of alginate mask

Powerful hydration
Due to the fact that alginates attract large amounts of water, alginate mask moisturizes the skin very well. It increases skin turgor and smoothes small wrinkles.

Lifting effect. Non-invasive Anti-Age correction
When hardened, an alginate mask slightly compresses and tightens the face, thereby providing a noticeable lifting effect, reducing the manifestations of age-related changes: wrinkles on the forehead, neck, around eyes and nasolabial folds.
Reduces swelling, improves complexion and blood circulation.
It helps reduce swelling on face and under eyes, enhance resorption of stagnant post acne spots, and reduce blue circles around eyes.

Detoxification. Removal of toxins. Cleansing
Perhaps one of the most important properties of alginate masks is the ability to bind and remove heavy metal ions from the body, thereby providing an anti-radiation effect. In addition, the mask, being a powerful adsorbent, absorbs toxins and cleanses the skin of excess sebum and dead cells. The mask cleanses and tightens pores. In current times of unfavorable environmental conditions, detoxification is needed for everyone, especially for city residents.

Anti-inflammatory action

Alginates have been proven to activate phagocytosis, thereby having an immunostimulatory effect. It increases antiviral and antimicrobial response, prevents development of inflammatory and allergic reactions.

Delivery of active substances into the deep skin layers
Alginate mask, by tightening the skin, and causing pressure on it, allows delivering active components of masks and serums applied under the alginate mask, into the deeper layers of skin, for example, to deliver moisturizing hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory serum or serum that stimulates collagen and elastin production. Ultimately, the alginate mask significantly enhances the influence of active ingredients because it pushes them into the deeper layers of skin.

Who this mask is particularly recommended for?

Alginate mask will be useful for owners of any skin type, at any age, beginning from 25 years. It is especially recommended for city residents.

  • Age 25+
  • Dull complexion
  • “Bruises” / “bags” under the eyes
  • Swelling of the face
  • Wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, around the mouth, on the neck, pronounced nasolabial folds;
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Ptosis
  • Stagnant post acne stains
  • Enlarged pores
Facial cryomassage (cryo balls)

Do you want to freshen up and tighten your face? Try a cooling massage with glass balls to increase the tone and soothe your skin.

The balls instantly narrow capillaries. Thermal action stimulates drainage processes, helps remove swelling, reduce sensitivity and itching of the skin.

Unsurpassed sensations and a great look of your skin are guaranteed!

Balls perform several functions:

  • soothes the pain;
  • narrow the capillary vessels and pores;
  • increase skin tone;
  • reduce her puffiness;
  • eliminate accumulation of fluid in tissues;
  • disinfect;
Golden facial mask

It is probably the most luxurious skin care ever.  It consists of a gold coating, which is vital for dull, stressed skin.

Gold ions enrich skin cells with oxygen and promote the excretion of toxins, restoring the energy level of cells. Eventually, it results in production of elastin and collagen (prevention of wrinkles), lifting effect, skin rejuvenation, removal of swelling, disappearance of small pigment spots, and evens out complexion.

Color restoration of the area around the eyes + lymphatic drainage

“Panda eyes” is what usually said about the traces of mashed mascara under the eyes. But don’t bruises or dark circles by nature look like “Panda eyes”? What is beautiful and natural for cute black and white bears is upsetting and catastrophic for a person, especially if you are a young girl or a woman “without age”. Why do treacherous bruises appear on the periorbital area of ​​the face? Is it possible to prevent the problem? How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes quickly, once and forever?

Did you know that there are two types of circles under the eyes? With a bluish-pink or purple and brown hue? If you have not paid attention to the color before, it’s time to give it a closer look. This will explain the causes of bruising and circles around the eyes, ways and possibilities to remove them.

The brown hue is genetically determined and is nothing more than periorbital hyperpigmentation, which is exacerbated by sunlight.

The bluish hue is the result of weak and ruptured blood vessels under the skin. The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, and as we are getting older the amount of subcutaneous fat decreases, which in the complex gives the face a tired look and provokes the appearance of dark circles.

We know how to solve this problem just in a few procedures. Absolutely painless and without any rehabilitation period.

Facial massage (classic)

Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of procedures and tools to maintain beauty, youth and health of the skin. Massage takes an honorable and outstanding place among them. It works effectively both independently and in combination with other manipulations, providing you with a more pronounced result.

Classic facial massage is not only a pleasant, but also a useful procedure, which, if used regularly, helps improve the state of skin, make the oval clearer and smooth wrinkles. An experienced and qualified specialist is able to completely relax the patient, remove muscle cramps, and relieve stress.


  • age-related skin changes – deep wrinkles, ptosis
  • dull, uneven complexion
  • appearance of mimic wrinkles and “goose legs”
  • swelling
  • low turgor and elasticity
  • unpronounced oval face, second chin

Contraindications for classical massage are large foci of inflammation on the face (including allergic rashes), high blood pressure, violation of skin integrity (wounds, cuts, cracks), couperose, herpes, psoriasis.

Plastic facial massage (modeling massage)

Plastic facial massage (modeling massage) is one of the types of manual facial massage aimed at lifting effect. This type is one of the most effective, because the cosmetologist works quite deeply on the problem areas of the face and neck, where the main task is to have a deep mechanical impact on the muscular system, which is the framework of a healthy and well-groomed face.

This type of cosmetic procedure is completely non-traumatic and does not require any tools or devices. The careful movements of the cosmetologist have a deep effect on the tissues, which leads to improved local blood circulation, saturating with oxygen, activating sebaceous glands to produce sebum, absolutely vital for mature skin.

Advantages of plastic massage

This cosmetic procedure has long been a favorite among mature women, because its results are noticeable immediately. Visible effects are often compared to surgical facelift.

Advantages of the procedure:

  • increased turgor and skin elasticity;
  • reduced depth of wrinkles and disappearance of small wrinkles;
  • reduced swelling and pastosity of tissues;
  • improved local blood circulation in tissues;
  • reduced fat deposits, especially the second chin;
  • removed muscle tone and tension;
  • improved face colour and relief;
  • duration of procedure – 20-30 minutes;
  • can be performed as a stand-alone procedure.
Laser lifting

Hardware procedure for face and body skin rejuvenation and tightening without injections. The principle of its action is based on the properties of “heat waves” that penetrate into the deep layers of skin, while stimulating the formation of collagen fibers in dermis, as a result, the skin becomes elastic and resilient. The lifting procedure is safe and comfortable, has no side effects. The result is noticeable after the first procedure.

Who is lifting procedure suitable for?


  • loss of skin tone and elasticity
  • correction of fat deposits
  • dry skin and wrinkles
Laser pigmentation correction

Pigment spots appear as a result of increased production of melanin. The reason for this may be:

  • genetic predisposition
  • abuse of tanning in the sun or solarium
  • changes in hormonal background, including pregnancy period
  • age-related skin changes
  • post acne
  • skin diseases and injuries
  • intoxication of the body
  • diseases of the digestive system, liver and some other chronic pathologies
  • taking certain medications
  • abuse of chemical peelings, etc.

The highest probability of pigment spots appearance is observed in women of 35+. At this age, the hormonal background gradually begins to change and the number of melanocytes – skin cells that produce melanin – increases. At the same time pigment spots can appear at a younger age, as well as regardless of the quality of skin care.

You can learn more about the removal of pigment spots at a preliminary consultation with a cosmetologist. You can book it over the phone 096 346 53 47

Mechanical cleansing

Skin cleansing is one of the most important steps on the way to a fully healthy look. Mechanical facial cleaning, or manual cleansing, is a procedure of cleansing the skin from superficial and deep impurities, which is performed with special tools and cosmetologist’s hands wrapped in sterile wipes.

Indications for mechanical cleaning:

  •   Neglected forms of acne
  •   Oily skin
  •   Enlarged pores
  •   Comedones, lipomas
  •   Whiteheads
  •   Acne rosacea
  •   Change of skin elasticity and texture



  •   cleanses the skin of epidermal keratinized scales, acne, and clogged pores;
  •   stimulates the oxygen flow to the skin;
  •   restores blood circulation and metabolism in cells;
  •   improves the epidermis tone (upper protective skin layer);
  •   cleanses the skin of deep and superficial comedones (black spots)


It is contraindicated to perform mechanical cleaning for people suffering from: eczema, furunculosis, bronchial asthma, hypertension, allergic rashes, various blood diseases, diabetes.

Ultrasonic cleansing

The indications for ultrasonic cleansing are similar to those for mechanical cleansing, but ultrasonic facial cleansing has a number of advantages over manual:

  •   ultrasound has not only a cleansing effect, but it also rejuvenates the skin;
  •   the procedure is less traumatic, as the ultrasonic wave evenly affects all skin layers without damaging them;
  •   manipulation has a lifting effect, rather than stretching the skin;
  •   it requires almost no rehabilitation (after the procedure is finished a slight redness fades in 1-2 hours);
  •   A full course of procedures improves the skin structure and prevents acne development.


  •   skin texture is evened out, pores are cleansed, skin begins to “breathe”
  •   stimulates cell renewal, deeply moisturizes skin
  •   skin metabolism is restored, microcirculation is improved
  •   sebaceous plugs get softened and removed, skin elasticity increases
  •   keratinized cell layer exfoliates, which significantly improves skin colour
  •   visible effect occurs immediately after the first procedure


Ultrasonic cleansing, although considered gentle, has a number of contraindications, just as well as any cosmetic procedure:

  •   Herpes-affected skin or mucous membranes
  •   Eczema
  •   Pregnancy
  •   Oncological diseases in the head and face zones
  •   Pathologies of the cardiovascular system, hypertensive crises
  •   Epilepsy
  •   Infectious diseases and fever
Combined facial cleansing

This procedure is a combination of manual and ultrasonic cleansing. Combined facial cleansing allows deep cleaning of the face problem areas and careful treatment of the most sensitive to external influences areas.

 It is recommended to have a deep skin cleansing for preventive purposes once every three months. It ensures a healthy look of your skin and helps to avoid various chronic inflammations on your face.

After cleansing it is important:

 do not allow skin contact with water within first 8-10 hours after the procedure;

  • avoid temperature changes for 7-10 days (do not go to the bathhouse, sauna, swimming pool);
  • avoid sunlight and not to visit the solarium;
  • be sure to use sunscreen with SPF;
  • do not drink alcohol;
  • do not use cosmetics for at least 2-3 days;
  • use proper home care (consult a cosmetologist);
  • drink plenty of water;
  • do not use alcohol-containing products;
  • do not remove scabs off the dried wounds.

 * all procedures are performed with professional cosmetics

Cleopatra's Golden Mask

Facial care procedures in the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska

Cleopatra’s Golden Mask for effective skin rejuvenation.

In ancient times, Queen Cleopatra used a golden mask to prolong youth and beauty. Now you have such an opportunity!

Main functions:

  •   increases skin elasticity and resilience;
  •   restores natural protection of epidermis;
  •   improves complexion;
  •   pronounced effect that tightens and saturates skin with active ingredients;
  •   smoothes wrinkles;
  •   improves skin turgor;
  •   makes your skin velvety and silky
Alginate anti-couperose mask from Dr.Spiller

Alginate mask is designed to eliminate couperose, strengthen vascular walls, reduce the severity of the capillary mesh, soothe and moisturize, improve blood microcirculation. It can be used after menstruation to relieve redness and swelling. Your skin becomes smooth and matte.

Action: Strengthens blood vessels, reduces the visibility of capillary mesh on the skin, soothes, and eliminates skin dryness.

Alginate whitening mask from Dr.Spiller

Indications: Whitening mask is recommended to eliminate pigmentation of various origins and lighten the skin of the face and neck. It is also used for effective lifting of aged skin.

Action: Whitening peeling mask contains unique whitening components in particularly high concentrations, which not only slow down the production of melanin, but also “extract” melanin from the deep layers of skin, absorb it and remove. Mask with the “tightening” effect and antioxidant action, relieves facial muscle tension, moisturizes and gently cleanses your skin.

Deep cleansing from Institut Esthederm

Our clinic offers a brand new procedure from the French cosmetic brand Institut Esthederm – Osmoclean.

It is a procedure of the skin deep cleansing carried out with soft but effective solutions.

The technique used is the one of influencing the energy points on the face associated with the whole body. Thanks to this technique, metabolic processes and cellular metabolism are improved.

Dr Light Treatment or Chromotherapy is a light and colour treatment

With the help of colour and light, properly selected serums penetrate deeper into the skin, which gives an excellent result. Chromotherapy has proven itself in the treatment of acne, neurodermatitis, allergies, joints pain, and hair loss treatment. As an independent therapy it rejuvenates skin, eliminates wrinkles, relieves swelling and inflammation, rehabilitates patients after plastic surgery, skin resurfacing and peeling.


  •   acne
  •   skin fatigue
  •   dry skin and loss of elasticity
  •   “Correction of the double chin”, cheeks
  •   enlarged pores
  •   deterioration of skin colour
  •   dark circles under the eyes
  •   stimulation of collagen synthesis
  •   wrinkles and mimical wrinkles
  •   prevention of sunburn
  •   treatment of pigmentation
  •   stretch marks
  •   skin rejuvenation and lifting (activation of collagen synthesis)
  •   hair loss


  •   oncological diseases
  •   autoimmune skin diseases
  •   eye and skin diseases with hyper light sensitivity
Peeling with silkworm cocoons

Peeling with silkworm cocoons is an absolutely unique procedure that you will not find anywhere else in Lviv, and possibly in the entire Ukraine.

Due to its heterogeneous structure, the cocoons perfectly clean, massage and gently remove the keratinized dead cells layer. Contribute to the improvement of the skin look, even out its tone and make it smooth.

 The procedure is performed with professional nanogel to saturate skin with useful vitamins and trace elements.


  •   Lifting effect. The unique base of the product when being used resembles a classic hydrogel mask, which while drying on the skin, leaves a “mesh” behind, instantly tightening the face oval;
  •   Intensive peeling. The mask perfectly cleanses, softens and exfoliates keratinized dead cells layer;
  •   Adsorbs excess sebum. The product of “mask-film” type effectively dissolves fat plugs and comedones, normalizes production of skin sebum and mattifies;
  •   Tones and enhances immunity. The complex of 8 types of vitamins improves the general condition of skin, tones, and evens out its tone, increases elasticity and resilience of your skin;
  •   Full comprehensive care. The mask moisturizes, nourishes, exfoliates, cleanses and rejuvenates.

 To enhance the lifting effect, a smoothing mask based on a cobweb is added.

Mask with collagen

After a tiring day, your skin needs intensive recovery and regeneration. To treat your skin, try a mask with collagen. It carefully affects the skin of any type, perfectly moisturizes and cleanses the pores from dirt, toxins and excess sebum, effectively fights the signs of aging and prevents the emergence of new age-related changes. The active ingredients fill in wrinkles, smooth epidermis, eliminate redness and even out skin tone. Vitamin complex provides protection against the negative effects of external factors. The mask perfectly relaxes and refreshes, after the procedure your face looks clean, radiant and well-groomed.


  •   Loose and gray skin
  •   The first signs of aging
  •   Redness
Whitening alginate mask Dr.Spiller Whitening Peel-Off Masks

Eliminates pigmentation of various etiologies, slows down the production of melanin, “disperses” existing pigmentation.

DR.SPILLER Special Line Anti Couperose Peel Off Mask

Anti-couperose mask relieves facial muscle tension and gives the skin a soothing and anti-edematous effect, eliminates redness, irritation, improves microcirculation, contains extracts that can strengthen the walls of blood vessels. It makes skin smooth and matte.

Deep cleansing from Institut Esthederm

Deep cleansing is performed in two stages. Even after the first application, the result will not leave anyone indifferent.

Step 1

Gentle cream with a rich texture reinforced by massage influence absorbs dirt, removes comedones and blackheads, cleanses and tightens pores, as well as evens out the relief of the skin.

Noticeable result after the first application.

Step 2

Provides exfoliating care without granules.

The mask effect is not traumatic for the skin.

Instantly removes keratinized skin cells, smoothes all bumps and exfoliates perfectly.

Provides the deepest possible skin cleansing.

value for our services

Price list

Renewing treatment Light
40 min625₴
Anti-inflammatory treatment Light40 min670₴
Anti-inflammatory treatment Light40 min625₴
Relaxing treatment Light40 min625₴
Moisturizing treatment Light40 min670₴
Carboxy Therapy (face)1 hfrom 850₴
Manual facial cleansing (without inflammatory signs)1-1,5 h850₴
Manual facial cleansing (with inflammatory signs)1-1,5 h950₴
Ultrasonic facial cleansing1 h750₴
Combined facial cleansing1-1,5 h990₴
Removal of milia, 1 item10 min50₴
Removal of milia, up to 10 items30 min 480₴
Removal of milia, more than 10 items30 min600₴
Collagen mask40 min600₴
Face Cryomassage (balls)20 min340₴
JEAN D'ESTREES-PARIS (lifting and radiance for the skin)50 min1200₴
Laser correction of pigmentation20 min980₴
Deep cleansing from Institut Esthederm40 min620₴
Alginate mask Dr. Spiller60 min540₴
3D Lifting Carboxytherapy face60 min950₴
3D Lifting Carboxytherapy face + neck70 min1550₴
3D Lifting Carboxytherapy face + neck + decollete90 min1900₴
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Dermatoscopy is the method of skin examination, and to be more exact, lesions on it. The doctor carries it out with a dermatoscope examining lesion in a tenfold or twentyfold increase, evaluate its state, colour and structure of epidermis and papillary layer of derma. It is impossible to evaluate the state of skin and lesions on it with an unaided eye.

Dermatoscope is used to examine:

  •   Nevi (birthmarks)
  •   Seborrheic keratoma
  •   Atopic keratoma
  •   Cutaneous horn
  •   Vascular lesion
  •   Basal cell skin cancer (Basal cell carcimoma)
  •   Squamous cell skin cancer (Squamous cell carcinoma)
  •   Melanoma
  •   Keratoacanthoma
  •   Plaque psoriasis
  •   Shingles
  •   Systemic lupus erythematosus

 Who and when is advised to have dermatoscopy?

Since this method is absolutely painless and secure, it is suitable for children and adults.

It is strongly recommended to examine skin lesions once every half-year or more often, if there are inscriptions.

 If you notice the following changes on your birthmark – do not hesitate to make an appointment for dermatoscopy:

  •   Change of colour, shape and size of a birthmark (nevus)
  •   Irregular edges emergence
  •   Cracked skin and bleeding
  •   Mechanical trauma of a birthmark
  •   Subjective feelings (itching, pain)

 There is a cancer risk group. It is necessary for people from this group to have dermatoscopy.

 Risk groups include:

  •   skin photo type I – II
  •   more than 50 birthmark on the body
  •   constant traumatization of lesions
  •   there were family members suffering from melanoma or other skin cancers
  •   there sun burns in health history (even in childhood or teenage years)


Dermatoscopy advantages:

  •   quick – it takes 15 min
  •   painless – dermatoscope touches the skin but does not traumatize it
  •   secure – does not require any surgical manipulations
  •   comfortable – does not require any prep procedure
  •   no side effects

 It is also important to note a high sensitivity of this examination method, which is 97,9%. Dermatoscopy helps a doctor to see that what can save your life.

 In Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska you can have a dermatoscopy examination in any convenient for you time. Our qualified dermatologist will give you a comprehensive consultation and, if necessary, prescribes you a complex treatment.


It is a method of skin neoplasms removal due to low temperatures with liquid nitrogen. This method allows to destroy neoplasms, while healthy skin around remains practically unaffected. It is worth remembering that cryodestruction is a method that does not leave scars.

What can be remover with cryodestruction:

  •   papilloma
  •   wart
  •   condyloma
  •   seborrheic keratoma
  •   soft fibroma

The procedure is practically painless and bloodless. The low temperatures cause vascular spasm – short-term thrombosis. The procedure duration is from 30 sec to 2-3 min, depending on the size and location of a neoplasm. The procedure is not always a one-time go, in some cases it must be repeated for the patient’s comfort and less skin traumatization.

The procedure must be preceded with a dermatologist consultation and dermatoscopy.


  •   Acute respiratory diseases
  •   Inflammatory processes on the skin area being treated
  •   Cold urticaria
  •   Propensity to form keloid scars
  •   Acute phase of chronic diseases
  •   Oncologic diseases 

Plasmolifting is one of the methods that enhance effective skin rejuvenation with the use of a patient’s plasma. This procedure is based on injection of the platelet-rich plasma into the patient’s skin. The result of this manipulation is natural rejuvenation due to the body’s own reserves.

Plasmolifting actively promotes cell renewal, which accelerates the process of regeneration and metabolism.

The Plasmolifting procedure is absolutely safe, as the patient’s own plasma is used, which eliminates the possibility of infection and rejection.

In addition to rejuvenation, plasmalifting is actively used to treat scars and stretch marks. This procedure is also among the leading ones in hair and scalp treatment.

For a more pronounced and lasting effect, plasmalifting is recommended to be combined with such procedures as laser resurfacing, mesotherapy and biorevitalization.


  • acne
  • scars, stretch marks
  • appearance of wrinkles
  • the first signs of skin aging
  • hair and scalp diseases
  • dry and peeling skin
  • skin rehabilitation after peeling (chemical or laser)
  • hair loss
  • oily skin and enlarged pores
  • age-related skin changes

Due to plasmolifting you can get unique opportunities:

  • The number and depth of wrinkles decreases.
  • Skin state improves and hair growth accelerates after the procedure.
  • Complexion becomes more natural and fresh.
  • Regeneration increases significantly.
  • Signs of aging are reduced.


  • pregnancy and lactation
  • oncological diseases
  • epilepsy
  • autoimmune diseases
  • blood diseases
  • diabetes and other chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation
  • inflammatory diseases accompanied by fever
  • skin diseases in the affected area
  • allergic reactions to any of the medicine components
  • predisposition to develop keloid scars


This procedure requires consultation with a cosmetologist, which will ensure the possibility of excluding contraindications. The following recommendations should be followed before the procedure:

  • 2-3 days before the procedure to refrain from drinking alcohol
  • 2-3 days before to exclude anticoagulants (aspirin, heparin, etc.)


  • during 7-10 days it is not recommended to have skin cleansing.
  • during 3 days after the procedure you cannot visit the sauna
  • during 2-3 days you need to refrain from physical activity.

Biorevitalization is an injection technique of skin rejuvenation by introducing hyaluronic acid into its deep layers. This substance is completely natural for the human body and is synthesized in tissues from birth. At the age of 25, the production of this polymer compound begins to decline, and its deficiency leads to worsening of turgor, appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other aesthetic problems of skin. Skin biorevitalization allows filling the deficit of hyaluronic acid, stopping the aging process and returning a young and healthy look to your face and body.

It is worth thinking about face and body skin biorevitalization from 25-30 years. Each case is individual, because the quality of skin depends on genetics, as well as the influence of external and internal negative factors. However, as a rule, it is by this age that the body completely stops producing hyaluronic acid and requires some “nourishing” from the outside. Preventing skin aging at this age is much easier and cheaper.

The main indications for biorevitalization procedure:

  • small facial wrinkles
  • reduction of turgor and skin elasticity
  • dull skin color
  • disturbance of water balance (dryness, peeling)
  • sebaceous glands hyperfunction (oily shine, acne)
  • hyperpigmentation


  • intolerance of the product components
  • severe inflammatory processes
  • chronic and complex diseases – cancer, diabetes, heart failure, etc.
  • skin predisposition to develop keloid scars
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • problems with the nervous system, psychological disorders.
Contouring injection

This is an injection of fillers based on hyaluronic acid into the soft tissues of the face and other areas. The result is visible immediately, within a week the effect increases. There is no rehabilitation period. Contouring injection allows you to eliminate skin folds, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and dips under the eyes, and maintain the optimal level of skin moisture in problem areas.


Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin, the quantity of which is decreasing as we are getting older. Contouring injection is an opportunity to replenish this substance, rejuvenate and moisturize your skin. A high density of fillers allows filling and smoothing wrinkles quickly and without consequences for the body as a whole.

Other advantages:

  • almost immediate visual result
  • full compatibility of fillers with skin
  • no traces of intervention
  • possibility of combining with other procedures, such as botulinum therapy
  • elimination of age defects
  • contouring of nasolabial folds does not require a special preparation period.

The disadvantage is that the fillers are gradually excreted from the body and everything goes back. However, the fact of withdrawal suggests that these are natural and harmless substances, and the result can be extended as long as possible if you follow all recommendations of the doctor.


  • patient intolerance of fillers
  • pregnancy
  • lactation
  • cancer in the acute stage
  • blood clotting disorders

Contouring injection of nasolabial folds is a method of filling nasolabial folds from the inside with fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Fillers lift the skin well, smooth out wrinkles, while hyaluronic acid rejuvenates and moisturizes.

The procedure lasts from 30 to 50 minutes, recovery period takes 1-3 days. One session is enough to improve the appearance of a nasolabial triangle. The procedure result is less wrinkles and a fresh look. The achieved result lasts from 8 months to 1.5 years, depending on individual features – age, metabolic rate, etc.

Contouring injection of nasolacrimal furrow is an injection of fillers based on hyaluronic acid. It allows removing bumps, dimples and dark circles under the eyes, as well as moisturizes skin.

The procedure lasts 15-40 minutes, one session is enough to achieve the desired result. Recovery period takes from 1 to 5 days. The achieved effect lasts from 10 months to 2.5 years, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient body.

Nose contouring is a procedure of filling skin irregularities – wrinkles, congenital or acquired defects – with products based on hyaluronic acid.

The procedure lasts up to 1 hour, recovery takes from 1 to 3 days. The result is the elimination of defects and younger looking and moisturized skin. It is achieved with 1 session and lasts from 6 months to 1.5 years.

Lip augmentation and correction with the help of fillers based on hyaluronic acid is a modern non-surgical method of changing lips’ shape and size. In addition to achieving the desired effect, you have rejuvenated the cells and tissues of your lips. The effect is visible immediately.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and lasts half an hour, the sensitivity of lips is not reduced. There is no rehabilitation period. Injections of cosmetic preparations allow returning the beauty of lips lost with age, eliminating asymmetry and wrinkles, making lips plumper. The result is visible immediately, within a week the effect increases.

Cheek contouring injection is a non-surgical correction of cheekbones with the help of fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

The procedure lasts from 30 to 50 minutes. Only soft tissues are corrected, so there is almost no visible recovery period. To have good cheekbones without surgery, one procedure is enough, the result thereof lasts from 9 months to 4 years. During this time, the filler is slowly dissolved, and the period of its complete removal from the body depends on the product itself, metabolic rate and lifestyle of the patient.

Chin contouring is a procedure of inserting dense fillers based on hyaluronic acid into the chin, which fill the missing volume, moisturize and rejuvenate skin.

The procedure can last from 30 to 50 minutes. You can improve the shape and appearance of your chin with 1 session. There is almost no recovery period.  The effect lasts from 9 months to 4 years, during that time the filler is slowly dissolved and removed from the body.

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Price list


Removal of warts15 min200₴
Removal of callus20 min150₴
Treatment of scars with internally focal injection of medication: up to 0,5 ml30 minfrom 420₴
Treatment of scars with internally focal injection of medication: from 0,5 to 1,0 ml - 50030 minfrom 530₴
Treatment of scars with internally focal injection of medication: from 1,0 ml -6001 hfrom 630₴
Removal of papilloma – non-complicated (1 item)30 min120₴
Removal of papilloma – complicated (1 item)45 min150₴
Removal of papilloma in different areas (package): back area1 hfrom 620₴
Removal of papilloma in different areas (package): axillary fossa area1 h520₴
Removal of papilloma in different areas: eyelid area1 h930₴
Removal of angioma/ spider angioma1 h120₴
Removal of genital condyloma1 h210₴
Removal of molluscum contagiosum1 h120₴
Removal of dermatofibroma1 h170₴
Topical anesthesia5 min120₴
Skin penetrating anesthesia10 min220₴
Removal of a birthmark, 1element30 minfrom 990₴


Plasmolifting (face/hands)2 200₴
Plasmolifting (face + neck)2 400₴
Plasmolifting (face + neck + cleavage)2 900₴
Plasmolifting (scalp)2 500₴
Plasmolifting (stretch marks) up to 500 cm22 900₴


Meso-Xanthin F1997140₴
IAL-System ACP7480₴
Meso-Wharton P1997140₴
Wrinkles over the lips7140₴
Correction of wrinkles around the eyes7140₴
Strands on the neck4080₴
Modeling of superciliary arches7140₴
Hands6 090₴
Neckline/cleavage5 220₴
Biorevitalization (female intimate plastic surgery)8500₴
Intimate biorevitalization (female genitals contouring)17000₴
Biorevitalization (male intimate plastic surgery)11 600₴
Intimate biorevitalization (male genitals contouring)12 600₴

Contouring injection

Facestart from6 090₴
Face oval modeling8500₴
Ear lobe modeling7140₴
Contouring injectionstart from6 090₴
Foot contouring injection6 090₴
Nose contouring injection8500₴
Jolie's angle8500₴
Nasolabial folds correction8500₴
Bio-Revolumetrystart from7 250₴
G-spot modeling10 150₴
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