Laser eyebrow tattoo removal – get rid of the old permanent tattoo once and forever

Sometimes the use of permanent makeup does not bring the desired results. The reasons for such consequences can be unprofessionalism of the master, incorrectly chosen shade or cardinal change of color over time. You can get rid of such negative consequences with the modern method – laser tattoo removal.

Do you want to get rid of a tattoo painlessly? We can help you at Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska, where qualified specialists with extensive experience will help you get the desired result. Laser eyebrow tattoo removal is performed using a powerful device produced in 2020 by the German company Alma – Harmony XL Pro. This equipment is the only laser device in Lviv that allows performing various cosmetic procedures.

How to remove powder eyebrows: popular ways

As a result of permanent make-up, a less dense pigment is used than in tattoos. Therefore, to understand how to remove powder eyebrows is easy.

For example, to remove lips and eyebrows tattoo the three popular methods are used:

  1. Laser therapy, when a light beam penetrates the skin, affecting the pigment. This leads to the gradual destruction of dyes that are excreted through the lymphatic system.
  2. Removing a tattoo with a remover – this is a special chemical that doctors use to get rid of permanent makeup. The chemical is absorbed by the skin and begins the process of destruction of the pigment. But this method is dangerous when treating the skin around the eyes.
  3. Use of electric current. Doctors use an electric discharge to burn the tattoo. However, electric current often leaves traces of burns on the surface of the skin, it takes a long time to heal.

You cannot remove an eyebrow (lip) tattoo at home effectively and safely. It is best to use qualified medical help and choose a proven laser method.

Advantages of laser eyebrow removal in Lviv:

  • No bleeding. The laser beam does not affect neighboring tissues, destroying only the pigment.
  • Prompt execution of the procedure. The exact time depends on the size of the tattoo.
  • No pain. During the work of the specialist, the patient feels warm and light burning.
  • No scars. Eyebrow tattoo removal in Lviv is performed without scars and other damage to the skin surface.

Choosing the method of laser removal using a modern device Harmony XL Pro, you choose safe and fast removal of pigment, which is broken down into small particles. The cosmetic effect can be seen after the first session.


  • not desired eyebrow shade
  • eyebrows lost color saturation a few years after the last tattoo procedure
  • blurred areas after the tattoo performance, gaps present
  • poor dye application: asymmetrical shape or shape that does not fit you


  • oncological diseases
  • diseases related to the circulatory system
  • hepatitis
  • infectious diseases, as well as their exacerbation
  • HIV
  • skin disorders
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
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Procedure of laser eyebrow tattoo removal in the network of Myroslava Novosilska’s clinics: how it works

tatoo laser removal

Addressing our clinic with the request of changing the shape of eyebrows after a tattoo, each patient gets the opportunity to choose an effective laser method of pigment removal. Desired results will be achieved with the help of the modern laser device Harmony XL Pro:

  • The specialist treats the areas with special antiseptics.
  • The doctor chooses the most suitable nozzle and mode of operation of the device. The process of breaking the pigment into small particles is non-contact.
  • Upon session completion, sprays are applied, which eliminate possible defects on the skin. Processing of one zone is carried out within 5-10 minutes, depending on its sizes.

The exact number of procedures is calculated individually for each patient with certain intervals between sessions.

Preparation for laser tattoo removal in Lviv

Before removing an old tattoo, you need to give up visiting the solarium and beaches a month before the scheduled procedure. Going to the session, the patients are recommended to clean the skin from makeup.


The skin heals from a week to 1 month. Immediately after the session, the treated area of ​​skin may appear to have redness and slight swelling, which lasts for several hours. The next day, a crust may form on the skin, which is strictly forbidden to remove. Otherwise, scars may appear, so you need to wait until the crust falls off on its own.

The complete regeneration of the deep layers of the skin will take 2-4 weeks. Only then can you repeat the procedure.

What colors of pigments can be removed

The laser beam best responds to black, blue and purple. But permanent tattoo artists rarely work with pure black paint, using green, red, yellow or crimson pigments. Therefore, these shades are quite difficult to remove.

You can get rid of a tattoo with such pigments with the help of powerful laser device Harmony XL Pro (Alma), which responds effectively even to light spots.

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prices for our services

Price List

Removal of tattoos and permanent makeup

Brow permanent makeup removal900₴
Removal of 5*7 tattoo900₴
Tattoo removal (up to 100 pulses)10₴\1 pulse
Tattoo removal (100 + pulses)7₴\1 pulse
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