Laser hair removal


Laser hair removal

Effective laser hair removal

For laser hair removal procedure in our clinic we use the advanced Israeli-German solution Harmony XL Pro of 2020 year of production. Its innovative AFT technology allows providing a procedure without pain and risk of burns and pigmentation. Moreover, the technology is equally effective as for any photo type of skin, as for any type of hair: dark thick and light thin.

The course consists of 5-10 procedures with interval of 20-40 days.


You should think about laser hair removal if you:

  • Want to get rid of hair on your face and body for a long term
  • Suffer from hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth)
  • Have a tendency to allergic reactions to everyday shaving (widespread problem for bikini zone)
  • Observe an active growth of lanugo hair

Laser hair removal is suitable both for women and men: this method is equally effective on any kind of hair and skin.

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Principle of the method action

During one procedure of a laser hair removal about 15-25% of unwanted hair can be removed. For new hair to reach an active growth phase 4-6 week-period is needed (in bikini zone hair can grow faster). In this phase the next procedure takes place. This method is primarily based on a gradual hair reduction.

It is important to be aware of that epilation will not lead to immediate hair disappearance, moreover, natural renewal processes in a human body are taking place on a periodical basis, which may result in reoccurrence of some insignificant hair signs. Though, laser hair removal affects not only quantity, but also quality of hair: with a flow of time hair starts growing thin and colourless.

Many people are afraid of laser hair removal since they are concerned about possible unfavourable consequences. Truth be told, such concerns are vain. In our clinic we use the unique Israeli-German solution Harmony XL Pro of 2020 year of production to remove unwanted hair which minimizes all risks, since it does not injure skin, does not leave burns, long-term redness etc.

An important advantage of Harmony XL Pro  is in combination of laser light technology and ultrashort pulse. Due to this combination of methods hair removal procedure with Harmony XL Pro is simultaneously photo and laser in nature.

Harmony XL Pro is irreplaceable for removal of unwanted hair in bikini zone, face and other zones. To make the procedure secure the device is equipped with the function of epidermis cooling, so even when applied to a sensitive bikini zone it causes less discomfort than in case with an ordinary laser hair removal as patients note.

Advantages of laser hair removal with Harmony XL Pro also include: opportunity to remove hair in the calf zone even with varicose signs, removal of all hair types – dark and fair (with exception of grey hair), removal of ingrown hair.

Preparation for laser hair removal

Before laser hair removal procedure you should follow certain recommendations to receive the most effective result:

  • Shave hair immediately before the procedure
  • If you plan bikini zone epilation and you would like to leave a hair stripe leave it unshaved since the epilation does not work for long hair.
  • Avoid a long-term exposure to the sun and do not sunbathe during 4-6 weeks before laser hair removal.
  • If you want to get tattooed in the areas which will be worked upon with laser in future, it is better to postpone the procedure.
Contraindications to laser hair removal
  • Oncological diseases
  • Burns or other skin injuries
  • Pregnancy
  • Allergic reaction
  • Diabetes
  • Recently suntanned skin

prices for our services

Price List

Upper lip10 min350₴
Chin15 min450₴
Temple15 min400₴
Cheeks15 min380₴
Face overall30 min800₴
Neck front side20 min420₴
Neck back side20 min420₴
Single pulse10 min40₴
Cleavage20 min500₴
Nipples area20 min400₴
Breast (men)40 min800₴
Breast (women)30 min700₴
Abdomen white line15 min450₴
Abdomen (women)30 min700₴
Abdomen (men)30 min950₴
Underarms20 min500₴
Bikini zone +pubis +bikini line (women)20 min800₴
Bikini zone (men)20 min1200₴
Deep bikini +pubis + anus (women)30 min1400₴
Deep bikini + pubis (women)30 min1000₴
Deep bikini (men)30 min1350₴
Hands20 min400₴
Forearm (up to elbow, excluding hands)20 min650₴
Arms ( hands+ forearm+ 1\2 shoulder)30 min900₴
Arms overall40 min1100₴
Shoulders (women)20 min550₴
Shoulders (men)30 min650₴
Legs overall (women)60 min1950₴
Legs overall (men)90 min2200₴
Toes15 min300₴
Thighs overall30 min1100₴
Front or back thigh side20 min600₴
Calves20 min900₴
Calves +knee25 min1000₴
Knee10 min400₴
Back (men)90 min1300₴
Back (women)60 min1100₴
Buttocks (women)30 min700₴
Buttocks (men)30 min900₴
Natal cleft20 min500₴
Tail bone20 min300₴
Lower back20 min550₴
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