Beautiful, well-groomed feet and nails

Beautiful, well-groomed feet and nails are a sign of beauty, health and well-being. But, unfortunately, because of the intense rhythm of life and eternal employment, we postpone the care of the legs in the long drawer when the situation gets out of control: a rough skin appears on the sole, and the nails look unaesthetic. If you have encountered similar problems, we recommend that you undergo treatment in a fraud to get valuable tips and advice on foot care.

The specialist can be contacted not only with urgent solutions to problems, but also for preventive medical care of feet and nails with the help of modern painless hardware techniques.

The task of podology is to detect pathological changes at early stages and to eliminate them by therapeutic methods.

Feet problems with require an immediate call to a podologist:

  • callus
  • corns
  • warts
  • maceration
  • cracked feet
  • hyperhidrosis (damp feet)
  • dry skin
  • athlete’s foot

Foot deformation:

  • valgus deformity
  • Flatfoot
  • Hallux valgus
  • Hammer toe
  • Diabetic foot
  • Wounds treatment
  • Apparatus pedicure

Nail aesthetics

Nail aesthetics is the art of making nails beautiful and healthy, this is the process of creating the appropriate style of nails, and certainly its owner. After all, well-groomed nails are an integral part of the holistic image of a modern woman. They can be business, elegant and elegant, extravagant and evening, pompous and avant-garde, and in any case, they will complement you – dear Women.

For a long time already, nail care is not formal, it is a wide range of services, which makes it possible to easily satisfy any demanding client. However, not every master of manicure can be a master of nail aesthetics, and be able to “see” the nails that will meet all the requirements and internal wishes of the client, and often dispel the conservatism of women’s point of view towards modern fashion trends in the sphere of the nail industry. The master of the nail service is not just a person who does and “sells” beautiful nails, it is a stylist and designer of your nails, a master who has in his arsenal a wide range of services and follows the novelties in the nail area.

Nail problems with require an immediate call to a podologist:

  • ingrown toenail
  • thickened toenail
  • deformed toenail
  • traumatized toenail
  • toenail plate renewal
  • toenail mycosis (fungus)

prices for our services

Price List

Tamponade (1 piece)15 min100₴
Ingrown nail – side resection of a nail plate, one side30 min880₴
Ingrown nail – side resection of a nail plate, both sides50 min1200₴
Foot exfoliating mask1 h 30 min410₴
Foot sole softening1 hfrom 310₴
Callus removal30 minfrom 150₴
Foot peeling (corns)50 minfrom 270₴
Toenail fungus treatment20 minfrom 530₴
Toenail fungus laser treatment, 1 nail15 min150₴
Toenail fungus laser treatment15 min500₴
Cracked feet1 h440₴
Core callus removal30 min180₴
Foot relaxation15 min20₴
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