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Haircut – a rather complicated operation performed when you change the shape of the hair covering the head, the quality of the haircut that is performed depends on the look of the hair. There is a huge amount of haircuts, but they all differ in their styles.

Hair reconstruction

Homemade masks and oils in the past are now a good accessory for maintaining the effect. What is the effect without a care procedure? The sun, salt, chlorine and cold cause great stress for hair length. If we also add excess heat, urban smog, and environmental factors, your hair may be more damaged and weakened and may be less manageable during haircut and less ready for dyeing or lightening.

Unlike skin, hair is not always able to regenerate everything on its own, and it requires deep intervention. Cold reconstruction techniques such as infrared radiation and ultrasound waves help to ensure effective absorption of drugs and longer lasting treatments, infrared treatment. hair. Heating is produced by electromagnetic vibrations of infrared radiation, which is not harmful. Ultrasound is the exclusive agent that optimizes any treatment.

In the clinic we perform hair reconstruction along the entire length. Oway Italian Cosmetics: For those who break their hair and cut their tips. This procedure does not load the hair, but it does make the hair dense and shiny!

The LISSAGE procedure

Excuse to straighten your hair? There are many of them. Best way to straighten? Only one is the LISSAGE procedure.

This procedure turns your hair into a flowing smooth canvas! Glyoxic acid, krambe oil, hyaluronic acid, a three-dimensional Keratrix matrix and Vitamin E in LISSAGE products provide hair with a lasting smoothness, protect against heat, restore damaged areas and prevent hair damage again.

The LISSAGE straightening procedure is:

  • straight hair up to 6 months,
  • the highest degree of thermal protection,
  • thermal reconstruction effect,
  • Strength, density, elasticity and shine.

You do not need to “tune in” to LISSAGE. Immediately after the procedure, you can wash, tone your hair and use your regular shampoo.

Hair extensions

One way to dramatically change your image is to grow your hair. After all, in just a few hours you will turn into a beautiful long haired beauty from a modest girl.

What Is Hair Extension? Let’s talk about this in more detail so you have a thorough understanding of this fun process.

It should be noted that such work with hair in the truest sense of the word is jewelry. That is why the hands of an experienced professional are appreciated in this matter! In the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine Miroslav Novosilskaya hair extensions are engaged by masters who have a tremendous experience and can easily trust their beauty!

The technology of hair extensions is quite simple, but requires the master of care and clarity of movement. The master carefully selects the spinners and carefully attaches them to the hair.

Nowadays, there are quite a few options for hair extensions. But capsule extensions are the quintessence of all the best of each. That is why this type of hair extension technology is the most popular in our time. As a result of the capsule extension you will become the owner of wonderful locks and locks of any length and volume that are practically indistinguishable from the natural in appearance and touch!

Oway Reconstruction

Rolland Oway professional cosmetic product for the care of damaged hair is designed for thorough cleaning and effective restoration of even the most damaged and brittle strands. It fills hair shafts with ceramides and minerals and gives them a lively and well-groomed look.

Joico Reconstruction

This is a treatment procedure for hair restoration after the summer period. Reconstruction is ideal for preparing hair for the cold. It fills hair shaft, nourishes it, makes it soft and silky. It adds shine to the hair, and removes dullness.

With the cumulative effect, it helps get rid of brittle hair and split ends.

Hair dyeing

The procedure allows you to change the color, add shine, or shade to your hair.

Many women from time to time want to change something in their appearance. One of the easiest and most effective ways is to dye your hair!

It takes a little hair color change for your image to change and begin to shine with new colours of beautiful emotions. We also know that many women in different ages have gray hair…. this is the first and most necessary procedure that allows us to hide the unwanted colour.

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is a persistent makeup applied to the face, to the eyebrows, eyelids or lips, and possibly to the areola or to the hair part of the head, with a needle and a pigment, into the upper layers of the skin, for visual enhancement of appearance, on a certain period (from 1-3 years). With permanent makeup, you can fix the shape of the eyebrows, adding saturation or lack of density, add color to pale or very cold lips, adjust the asymmetry, add brightness to your eyes, visually change the shape of the eye.

Permanent makeup is also needed for people with poor eyesight or allergy to cosmetics.

prices for our services

Price List

Hairdressing services

Hair cut: Short hair50 minfrom 500₴
Hair cut: Medium-length hair1 hfrom 600₴
Hair cut: Long hair1h 30 minfrom 800₴
Hair styling: Short hair1h 30 min220₴
Hair styling: Medium-length hair1h 30 min300₴
Hair styling: Long hair2 hfrom 350₴
Hair length cut (trimming)30-40 min500₴
Bangs designing20 min150₴
Bangs cutting15 min100₴
Hair wash:Short hair7 min100₴
Hair wash: Medium-length hair10 min125₴
Hair wash: Long hair15 min150₴
Hair highlighting (service): Short hair40 min500₴
Hair highlighting (service): Medium-length hair1 h700₴
Hair highlighting (service): Long hair2 hfrom 1000₴
Hair dyeing (service): Short hair15 minfrom 400₴
Hair dyeing (service): Medium-length hair30 minfrom 600₴
Hair dyeing (service): Long hair50 minfrom 800₴
Balayage, ombré, sombre (service): Medium-length hair45 min2000₴
Balayage, ombré, sombre (service): Long hair1 h3000₴
Hair curling with curling iron, flat iron: Short hair50 min300₴
Hair curling with curling iron, flat iron: Medium-length hair1 h450₴
Long hair1h 30 minfrom 600₴
Hair braiding (service): Medium-length hair45 min250₴
Hair braiding (service): Long hair1 h350₴
Evening hairstyling: Short hair45 min320₴
Evening hairstyling: Medium-length hair1 h500₴
Evening hairstyling: Long hair1 h 30 minfrom 700₴
Wedding hairstyling: Short hair1 h330₴
Wedding hairstyling: Medium-length hair1 h 30 min700₴
Wedding hairstyling: Long hair2 hfrom 900₴
Wedding hairstyling (testing)60 min350₴
Hair straightening LISSAGE : Length 13 h2600₴
Hair straightening LISSAGE : Length 23 h2800₴
Hair straightening LISSAGE : Length 33 h3000₴
Hair straightening LISSAGE : Length 44 h3200₴
Hair reconstruction: Short hair1 h 30 min1620₴
Hair reconstruction: Medium-length hair2 h2120₴
Hair reconstruction: Long hair2h2620₴
Hair extensions: Hair extension (1 capsule)from 2 h15₴
Hair extensions: Hair extensions removing (1 capsule)from 1 h5₴
For men: Head shaving15 min200₴
For men: Cutting with 1 nozzle30 min200₴
For men: Basic haircut30 min250₴
For men: Modelled haircut40 min250₴
For men: Hair washing10 min50₴
Children’s haircut45 min200₴
Children’s modelled haircut1 h 30 min250₴
Hair straightening with flat iron (Short hair)10 min150₴
Hair straightening with flat iron (Medium-length hair)15 min200₴
Hair straightening with flat iron (Long hair)20 min300₴

Makeup, eye lashes and brows aesthetics

Eyebrows modelling / shape correction10-15 min100/170₴
Eyebrows tinting (dye/henna)30 min250₴
Lash tinting30 min180₴
Makeup: Daily1 h500₴
Makeup: Evening1,5 h650₴
Makeup: Wedding1,5 -2 h750₴
Makeup: Wedding (testing)1 h650₴
Lash lamination1,5 h700₴
Long-term eyebrow styling1 h550₴


Trichopigmentation head in full3 hours14000 ₴
Trichopigmentation one area2 hours8000 ₴

Arms and legs aesthetics

Combined manicure1 h300₴ (w)/ 350₴ (m)
Children’s manicure1 h130₴
Gel polishing1 h250₴
Curative nail polishing15 min50₴
French manicure1 h350₴
Gel nail polish removal and gel polishing2 h450₴
ECO manicure1 h330₴
Art designfrom 10 minfrom 80₴
Rhinestonesfrom 10 minfrom 2₴
Gel nail polish removal30 min100₴
Curative strengthening20 min80₴
Nail repair5 min30₴
Strengthening with bio gel (1 nail)5 min20₴
Strengthening with bio gel, acrylic powder, gel with fiber20 min300₴
Nail extension (1 nail)10 min90₴
Nail extension (short nails)60 min600 ₴
Nail extension (medium nails)60 min650 ₴
Nail extension (long nails)60 min700 ₴
Correction of extended nails S50 min500₴
Correction of extended nails M60 min550₴
Correction of extended nails L60 min600₴
Nail extension removal40 min150₴
Combined pedicure (toes) women40 h390₴
Medical pedicure women60 h700₴
Combined pedicure (toes + feet) women60 min550₴
Combined pedicure (toes) men60 min430₴
Combined pedicure (toes + feet) men80 min600₴
Children’s pedicure60 min230₴
Healing hand massage with a candle10 min100₴
Paraffin therapy for hands40 min300₴
Paraffin therapy for feet40 min300₴
SPA procedures1 h400₴
Nail shape and length changing30min60₴
Nail prosthetics (short)20 min250₴
Nail prosthetics (medium)from 20 min300₴
Nail prosthetics (long)from 20 min350₴

Powder (permanent) makeup

Powder brows3500₴
Lip blush3500₴
Eyelids (eyeliner, smoothing)3500₴
A successive correction of any zone1900₴
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