Body care

The skin of the body needs not less care

Body care includes depilation, facial cleansing, carboxytherapy, masks, waxing epilation.`The skin of the body needs not less care than the skin of the face, and sometimes even more serious and professional.

Regular and competent skin care is made up of not only hygienic procedures, but also special treatments specifically designed to solve certain problems: cosmetics, scrubs and peels, various types of massages, mesotherapy, water treatments and much more.

All this is necessary in order to prevent or eliminate problems such as: dryness and stiffness of the skin, stretch marks, pigmented spots and rashes, cellulite and varicose veins in a timely manner.


Manual back cleansing

Manual back cleansing is a procedure that is performed manually to clear skin from all kinds of skin impurities such as milia, comedones, blackheads, acne and lipomas, as well to prevent inflammatory skin rashes on the back.

Manual back cleansing is necessary if you have:

  • Deep comedones
  • Greasy seborrhea
  • Blockage of ducts of adipose glands
  • Enlarged pores
  • Blackheads (pustules)
  • Comedones (black spots)
  • Lipomas
  • Milia

Our cosmetologist will help to choose the cleansing method based on your skin type and needs.

Due to this procedure you will be able to feel comfortable in any clothes since the problem to hide your back will disappear.


There is one variant available – peelings. Salicylic peelings are considered to be the most effective in treating inflammations. The complete course consists of 3 – 6 procedures that are provided once a week. In order to remove unaesthetic scars and spots left after pimples you can choose trichloroacetic acid or laser peel. They have a deep impact on skin, peeling off all what is unnecessary.

Waxing epilation

In the spring and summer – especially popular epilation of the legs.

Season of “short skirts” is started!

Have you made it ready for him? Do you still consider the effective way to fight   unwanted hair, a razor and a depilator? This is in the past!

Smooth feet – always remain must have in any season. However, many avoid   waxing, mainly because it hurts. However, if everything is done correctly, you will   change your attitude towards it. Conducting epilation at home is excluded, because   for implementation, the person’s approach, which has passed the appropriate   training and experience, is necessary for implementation.

The specialist selects wax depending on the type of skin and the structure of the   hair. And not only the legs of such care is necessary, therefore we offer epilation of   the following parts of the body: the area around the mouth, hair removal from the   nose, armpit area, back, buttocks, legs, intimate zone .

A modern woman does not want to spend time on the frequent removal of   unwanted hair, frequent irritation, therefore chooses exactly the method of waxing   epilation. The optimal length of hair for wax epilation is 3 – 5 mm. Men are more   and more interested in this procedure, and there is nothing strange about it, men   add a well-groomed look to the body and distinguish relief muscles.

It should be noted that there are also their contraindications for those who suffer   from skin diseases, the body has warts and papillomas, boils and pimples. The   prohibition is also for possible infectious diseases, such as herpes, scabies   psoriasis.

It is not recommended to carry out epilation for people suffering from diabetes   mellitus, varicose veins, as well as possible inflammations of the vascular system.   After the procedure: during the day you should not visit the sauna and bath, apply   different cosmetics to the skin. It is not recommended to sunbathe two days after   the procedure.

prices for our services

Price List

Back cleansing (manual)1h1400₴
Chest cleansing (manual)1h550₴
Back peel (shallow)50 min1100₴
Back peel (medium)50 min1400₴
Carboxy Therapy (body)1h1260₴
Underarms hair removal (waxing)20 min280₴
Below-knee leg hair removal (waxing)25 min500₴
Overall leg hair removal (waxing)45 min560₴
Hair removal in an area around lips (waxing)15 min200₴
Hair removal in an upper lip area (waxing)15 min150₴
Buttocks hair removal (waxing)40 min930₴
Breast hair removal (waxing)40 min730₴
Back hair removal (waxing)60 min1250₴
Bikini hair removal, men (waxing)60 min640₴
Bikini hair removal, women (waxing)60 min490₴
Artistic bikini hair removal (waxing)60 min700₴
Arms overall hair removal (waxing)40 min300₴
Below-elbow arms hair removal (waxing)30 min220₴
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