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How to stop hair loss? Treatment of alopecia in men and women

Thick, healthy, full of shine and “life” hair is the dream of probably almost all of us. However, can all of us boast of such hair? Is each of us satisfied with the condition of his/her hair, its density, length, colour, elasticity and healthy appearance? Hardly!

Causes of baldness in men:

To date, it is difficult to establish the exact cause, but in most cases, male pattern baldness is a hereditary predisposition, or it is indirectly caused by the activity of the hormonal system. If the hormonal background is in order, you can suspect that alopecia was caused by one of the following factors:

– stress

– use of potent drugs

– metabolic disorders

– intoxication

– infectious or severe chronic diseases

Causes of hair loss in women:

– the consequences of physiological changes in the body after childbirth

– medicines

– hormonal contraceptives

– antitumor drugs

– changes in the endocrine system

– psycho-emotional disorders

– seasonality

– wrong diet

How to stop hair loss?

If you notice intense hair loss you should act immediately, consult a trichologist to resolve this issue as soon as possible. A trichologist is a dermatologist who specializes in the diagnosis (determination of the cause of hair loss), prevention and treatment of the scalp.

Consultation with a trichologist includes:

– doctor’s examination, diagnosis with the help of a trichoscope, collection of anamnesis

– referral for analysis to the laboratory

– evaluation of analysis results

– treatment course (medication, vitamins against hair loss, care products against hair loss, procedures)

During the examination, a dermatologist-trichologist uses the method of trichoscopy and sequentially examines the scalp. The device allows changing the magnification, and all data is transmitted by the camcorder to a computer.

The method is painless and harmless. It can be performed on children of any age, pregnant women and nursing mothers.


Trichoscopy allows us to more carefully assess the condition of hair, scalp and determine the causes of hair loss; visually show the patient problem areas, assess the possible effects of a particular therapy. But the main thing is control in the process of treatment. During the trichoscopy we can see the first positive changes, while the naked eye can not see anything (for example, hair regrowth up to 1 mm).

After a trichological examination, we can diagnose what type of hair loss we are dealing with.

Types of hair loss include:

  • androgenetic (in males, alopecia begins along the line of hair growth, so, the forehead visually becomes higher. Gradually, the temporal bald spots become more pronounced. Hair in the parietal area becomes thinner, then bald spots are formed. Occipital hair remains intact. Men may face this problem as early as in their 20s. In women, the line of hair growth remains intact.There is a thinning of hair in the fronto-parietal area and thinning of the central parting. Acceleration of alopecia can be provoked by menopause).

  • diffuse (it is an intense alopecia over the entire area of the head, both in women and men).

  • focal (differs from other types of alopecia by clear areas of alopecia, which begin with small spots of round or oval shape and may later expand or appear in other areas of the head. Like with any other hair loss type, alopecia results in an intense hair loss in a particular area, while new hair either does not grow, or grows in much smaller quantities or does not grow at all).

  • Scarring or cicatricial (hair loss is caused by inflammation or other pathological processes. Hair loss is the completion of the scar tissue formation at the site of hair growth).

Why should you not engage in self-treatment?

Self-treatment is not always effective, and sometimes dangerous! Traditional folk remedies such as rubbing dry mustard or pepper tincture into the scalp can lead to the fact that the doctor will have to treat the patient not only from hair loss, but also from eczema.

Treatment of alopecia in women and men

The main purpose of treatment is to eliminate the causes of hair loss, as well as to normalize metabolic processes on the scalp. The method of alopecia treatment is determined during the consultation with a specialist.

Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska offers a wide range of treatment and care procedures for your hair. The combination of the most effective solutions for hair loss and cosmetics with the experience and professionalism of our trichologists guarantees our clients the maximum result and satisfaction from the achieved effect.

Hair Loss Treatment

The range of trichological services provided by the specialists of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska is wide and comprehensive.

First of all, of course, this is a primary consultation with a trichologist, since the correct diagnosis is 50% of success in treating the problem. That is why before prescribing any type of procedure, our specialists will perform the most accurate and complete diagnosis of the condition of your scalp and hair, eliminate all possible contraindications, assess the general state of your health. And only after that you will be assigned the correct and necessary procedures and tests.

Treatment of hair loss, its fragility, dryness and general “exhaustion”, treatment of alopecia, pediculosis, solving problems with the scalp. These and other services are available for patients of Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska.

For clients who, for a certain reason, have already lost a significant part of hair on the head and want to regain thick and healthy hair, we offer a state-of-the-art hair transplant procedure using the FUE seamless method.

Indications for hair transplantation:

– Androgenetic (androgenic) alopecia (the most widespread)

– Cicatricial alopecia (injuries, burns, postoperative scars)

– Traction alopecia

– Correction of the front line of hair growth

Hair transplantation is the process of moving donor hair follicles from areas where they grow in greater numbers to areas of their absence.

What does a hair transplant specialist’s consultation look like?

–  diagnosis of the patient’s hair, its density, condition of hair follicles, hair quality

–  wishes of the patient and opportunities are defined, based on individual features

–  a hair transplant specialist together with the patient makes the schedule of hair transplant surgeries.

To achieve the maximum effect of any of the selected procedures, its stability, we recommend to re-consult with our specialists after the selected treatment.

What to do to prevent hair loss?

In order to approach the treatment effectively and find the right remedies for hair loss treatment, the cause must be defined in the first place, but to prevent hair loss the following recommendations can be useful:

  • When you wash your head, it is better to dry your wet hair with a towel, rather than twisting it.

  • Tightly stretched tail damages hair follicles (bulbs). Avoid such hairstyles, especially if you have hair problems.

  • When combing your hair, choose a comb made of natural materials.

  • Use a hair dryer as rarely as possible and dry your hair with cool air, not hot.

  • Don’t go on diets.

We guarantee the most comfortable services, the most modern solutions for hair loss treatment and world-class products, the most professional specialists and the personalized approach to the particular needs of every client.

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It is a method of scalp and hair diagnostics. It is done with trichoscope. This device allows examining the target zone in 50-fold increase.

Due to this method a doctor receives information about scalp state, hair follicles, evaluate a hair structure, activity of sebaceous and sweat glands, evaluate hair at its active growth phase and the way it just starts growing, identifies if there is an inflammation in the scalp.

Trichoscopy inscription:

  • Hair loss (Alopecia)
  • Scalp diseases (seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis)
  • Dry dandruff
  • Neoplasms on hair covered head zones
  • Hair structure problems (fragile and dull hair)
  • Scalp itching
  • Hair care selection

How to prepare for the procedure:

  • Wash your head a day before scheduled trichoscopy procedure
  • Do not use hair styling cosmetics
  • Do not dye your hair 2 weeks before the procedure

Method’s advantages:

  • Painless
  • Quick – 15 min
  • Allowed for adults and children
  • Comfortable
  • Can be repeated multiple times a year
  • No side effects

During trichoscopy procedure a doctor examines different scalp zones (forehead, temples, vertex, back of the head). Hair state along its length is also examined and evaluated.

Oily scalp care

Daily head washing is tiring and irritating, so among the list of procedures we offer at our clinic is a line of care products for oily scalp from the Italian company ORising

The procedure is recommended for oily hair and scalp as well as for hyperhidrosis of the scalp.

Products which contain extracts of lemon balm, term, linden, sage, and camomile delicately:

  • cleanse scalp
  • normalize sebaceous glands secretion
  • counteract seborrhea
  • remove itching and irritation of scalp

The action of this line of products will allow you washing your head less often and enjoy fresh styling.

Hair loss care

There are many reasons that provoke hair loss:

  • stress
  • hormonal changes
  • unbalanced diets
  • side effects of drugs and many others

In hair loss treatment procedure we use products that contain extracts of nettle, sage, calendula, and rosemary which:

  • stimulate hair papillae
  • strengthen hair follicles
  • stimulate blood circulation
  • vitaminize, nourish and moisturize hair
Deep hair moisturizing

Among the hair and scalp care procedures, one of the most popular is “Deep hair moisturizing” procedure based on the products of the Italian company ORising

The line of products is meant for:

  • dry, brittle hair
  • damaged, dehydrated hair
  • dyed and lightened hair

The main products which include: coconut oil, oat extract, calendula, silk proteins:

  • deeply moisturize and nourish hair
  • qualitatively straighten hair shaft, make it strong, smooth and silky.

You will be pleased with the effect after the first procedure.

Care for scalp with dry and oily dandruff

Many of us have experienced a problem of dandruff at least once in our lives. The cause of the problem can be: changes in hormonal background and a fungus that causes dandruff.

In this procedure we use products from the Italian company ORising, which contain extracts of Iceland moss, birch and essential oil against dry or oily dandruff.

These products:

  • destroy fungus that causes dandruff
  • normalize hydrolipid balance of scalp
  • eliminate irritation and peeling of scalp
Adjusting pH balance

One of the first procedures at the beginning of scalp and hair problems treatment is the pH balance procedure.

In this procedure we use products based on plant extracts of the Italian company Orising.

The procedure is performed to:

  • restore the scalp pH balance
  • relieve irritation, redness, itching and peeling
  • stop hair loss and improve its growth.

The products active components are: extracts of birch, beech, black currant, bitter orange oil, orange peel extract, Gotu Kola which:

  • prevent hair loss and accelerate growth of new hair,
  • gently cleanse and soothe scalp
  • nourish hair structure, give it softness and elasticity

This procedure will be a real salvation for your hair and scalp.

Scalp peeling

In order for hair to always look healthy and well-groomed, you need to take care not only of hair strands, but of scalp as well.

Dust, dirt, sebum, hair styling products accumulate daily on your scalp. The shampoos we use are not able to completely clean the scalp. But there is an effective method such as peeling, which cleanses the skin of any impurities.

This procedure can help you get rid of:

  • old keratinized cells
  • itching
  • dandruff


  • reduces excess sebum
  • stimulates hair growth
  • improves microcirculation and allows your skin to “breathe”.

In this procedure we use natural plant components that have antibacterial, disinfectant, and soothing effect. The procedure is suitable for both men and women.


The products used in this procedure contain active plant stem cells which:

  • preserve skin vitality
  • slow down natural aging process of follicles, thereby preventing hair loss
  • perform the function of renewal and rejuvenation at the cellular level
  • nourish and moisturize colored hair, giving it a natural shine.
5 Alpha-ORising

The procedure is performed:

  • to solve hair loss problems (androgenic alopecia)
  • to solve the problem of hair thinning in the temporal area
  • to solve problems of hair thinning caused by sensitive oily scalp.

The products we use in this procedure includes extracts of lilac, bamboo, horse chestnut, essential oils of lemon, and orange which:

  • make an effective inhibitor of 5α-reductases
  • stimulate blood microcirculation
  • nourish hair and scalp

The procedure is performed:

  • to solve problems of thinning hair, slow hair growth, thin and lanugo hair
  • to stimulate hair growth

The products include extracts of yarrow, sage, rosemary, coltsfoot, red grapes, which stimulate, tone, dilate peripheral blood vessels, strengthen hair follicles, strengthen hair and give it shine.

Anti-inflammatory procedure for scalp

The products we use in this procedure contain extracts of camomile, St. John’s wort, yarrow, and lilac which:

  • help reduce inflammation, and soothe skin.
  • help remove irritation, redness, itching and peeling.
  • have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Oway reconstruction

Rolland Oway professional cosmetic product for the care of damaged hair is designed for thorough cleaning and effective restoration of even the most damaged and brittle strands. It fills hair shafts with ceramides and minerals and gives them a lively and well-groomed look

Joico reconstruction

This is a treatment procedure for hair restoration after the summer period. Reconstruction is ideal for preparing hair for the cold. It fills hair shaft, nourishes it, makes it soft and silky. It adds shine to the hair, and removes dullness.

With the cumulative effect, it helps get rid of brittle hair and split ends.

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«Hair loss treatment» procedure, length 190 min2000₴
«Hair loss treatment» procedure, length 290 min2110₴
«Hair loss treatment» procedure, length 390 min2220₴
Reconstruction of chemical composition of hair (first length)60 min970₴
Reconstruction of chemical composition of hair (second length)60 min1190₴
Reconstruction of chemical composition of hair (third length)60 min1530₴
Reconstruction of chemical composition of hair (fourth length)60 min1770₴
Hair treatment procedure "Therapy" length 160 min870₴
Hair treatment procedure "Therapy" length 260 min1020₴
Hair treatment procedure "Therapy" length 360 min1170₴
Hardware procedure "Milta Head"10 min1600₴
ORising 5-Alf procedure, length 160 min1700₴
ORising 5-Alf procedure, length 260 min1810₴
ORising 5-Alf procedure, length 360 min1920₴
H.G.System procedure, length 190 min1650₴
H.G.System procedure, length 290 min1760₴
H.G.System procedure, length 390 min1870₴
Anti-dandruff treatment, men60 min1310₴
Anti-dandruff treatment, women60 min1580₴
Oily scalp treatment, men60 min1260₴
Oily scalp treatment, women60 min1520₴
Pediculosis treatment60 min1200-2200₴
StaminORising procedure (first length)60 min1700₴
StaminORising procedure (second length)60 min1810₴
StaminORising procedure (third length)70 min1920₴
O-way hair reconstruction (short)2 hours1620₴
O-way hair reconstruction (average)2 hours2120₴
O-way hair reconstruction (long )2,5 hours2620₴
Hair procedure "Velours" (short)60 min1495₴
Hair procedure "Velours" (average)70 min1595₴
Hair procedure "Velours" (long)70 min1695₴
Mesotherapy "Polio"10 min2990₴
Hair procedure "WOW effect" (first length)60 min1300₴
Hair procedure "WOW effect" (second length)60 min1400₴
Hair procedure "WOW effect" (third length)60 min1500₴
Anti-inflammatory therapy for the scalp (1 length)60 min1700₴
Anti-inflammatory therapy for the scalp (2 length)60 min1810₴
Anti-inflammatory therapy for the scalp (3 length)60 min1920₴
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