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Courses we offer

Course Fundamentals of Trichology

If you wish to become a trichologist, then we are waiting for you at our intensive course “Fundamentals of Trichology”, which will last 3 days and will be held at the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska.

During the 3-day intensive training with a trichologist, the leading specialist of our clinic, you will learn to diagnose hair and scalp diseases (seborrhea, psoriasis), develop an algorithm for diagnosis and treatment, and learn how to perform treatment procedures.

We will provide models and a trichoscope for the training process.

You need to bring a medical gown or suit, a second pair of shoes, a desire to learn and a good mood.

The course consists of 3 parts where you will learn about:

1) Theoretical part:

  •   structure and functions of skin
  •   structure and functions of hair
  •   phases of hair growth
  •   causes of hair loss and their elimination
  •   alopecia: androgenetic, diffuse, “bird’s nest”, scarring
  •   seborrheic dermatitis and its forms
  •   mycosis of the skin and its types
  •   psoriasis – basic symptoms (psoriatic triad)
  •   lipoma and skin cancer
  •   methods of treatment

2) Practical part:

  •   anti-dandruff treatment (oily, dry)
  •   oily scalp treatment
  •   hair loss treatment
  •   hair deep moisturizing
  •   hair reconstruction and much more

3) Practice of practical skills. Final exam.

 Upon the course completion you will receive a certificate!

Trichopigmentation Course

Duration – 3 days

Day 1 – Theoretical part

Day 2 – Practical part (working on a mannequin)

Day 3 – Practical part (practice of practical skills on the model)

Upon the course completion you will receive a certificate.

Self-Make-Up Course

You have long dreamed of being a make-up artist yourself? Being able to emphasize your beauty
masterfully or hide flaws skillfully? Then, Self-Make-Up Course is for you.
What is Self-Make-up course?
It is a course of 3 lessons 3-4 hours each, complete set of cosmetics provided within the course
What do I need to have?
You have to bring your own brushes, consumables (micellar water, cotton pads) and the cosmetics
you use for the analysis.
Course program:
Lesson 1: Theory + practice
– Introduction to professional cosmetics, its purpose, specifics of usage.
– Analysis of your own cosmetic bag, selection of missing makeup products and brushes.
– How to create perfect eyebrows.
– Sequence of makeup application, express methods.
– Face modeling by means of light-shadow schemes.
– Selection of eyebrow shape and correction.
– Face modeling with dry textures.
– Nude style day make-up

Lesson 2

– «Smokey eyes» make-up. Its varieties.
– Use of waterproof textures.
– Creating lasting make-up.

Lesson 3
– «Hollywood makeup»
– Varieties of eyeliner arrows. Individual selection of the arrow depending on the anatomical
structure of the eye.
– Eye correction with false eyelashes.
– Perfect lips, lip augmentation
On the course completion you will become a self-make-up master!

For more details, please, write in direct messages or call at +380963465347 and choose the
convenient time.

The course venue is our #beautyzone

Training for children Self-beautician

During this training session we will tell you how to care properly for your skin at home. Each participant will receive a home facial care kit, including:

  • facial washing gel
  • tonic
  • plush spa facial headband to make your daily facial care rituals most comfortable.

Participation fee is 600 UAH. Care cosmetics and facial headband go as a gift!

Join in!

Call for details and enrollment +38 096 346 53 47