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Size matters

Not so long ago it was impossible to enlarge penis without surgical manipulations. In order to obtain a desired result it was necessary to insert implants from different metals, and rehabilitation was not easy. But today, due to the rapid development of medical technologies, there is an opportunity to get good results using minimally invasive procedures. The effect hereof is fully comparable with the surgical one in penis enlargement, but in this case a patient does not feel any discomfort, has less health risks and does not suffer from side effects.

The independent surveys showed that almost 80% of men are not satisfied with the length of their penis. And almost the same percentage of men approves their wish of penis enlargement. The majority of respondents are sure that penis size matters for all women.

What can you do if your penis size leaves much to be desired and you have sexual problems? Surgical method and prosthetics will help to enlarge the penis’ length and girth. But erectile dysfunction may remain and even worsen. Moreover, severe complications may occur, such as rejection and abscess. That is why in recent years contouring of male genitalia has been of growing demand.

Penis enlargement indications and contraindications

  • Indications are individual and include:
  • Not satisfied with the penis size and related strong complexes
  • Real scarcity in girth and length of penis
  • Erectile dysfunction caused by psychological discomfort
  • Mechanical trauma consequences
  • Disharmony in sexual relations
  • Inability to bring satisfaction to a woman because of the small-sized penis

Contraindications are uniform and applied to all:

  • Psychological abnormalities
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • Venereal infections
  • Inflammations
  • Wounds, abscesses, ulcers
  • Severe pathologies of genitourinary system
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Individual intolerance to the components of contouring surgery

Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid

This injection procedure presupposes usage of special hyaluronic acid based fillers and gels. These materials are absolutely bio compatible with human body tissues. The method is very comfortable since it does not require general anesthesia and in-patient period. Recovery period is rather short, and in a couple of days after the procedure a patient can return to his normal life routine.

But this procedure does not give you a permanent result. The matter is that in a year time dermal fillers fully dissolve. Insoluble fillers cannot be used in this case since they often cause severe allergic reactions. Moreover, material migration and its rejection are possible.

Lipofilling (penis enlargement with auto fat)

To meet the demands of men who are against any synthetic materials to be injected into their bodies there was developed an alternative method of penis enlargement – lipofilling (or enlargement with auto fat). In this case an organ becomes larger on account of injecting a person’s own fat tissue which was extracted from other body parts. An unquestionable advantage of these procedures is that they are harmless for health and give a rather stable result. Some part of fat will dissolve eventually, but some part of it will stay in the organ. Disadvantages: possible uneven distribution of fat around penis.

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