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Laser removal of vascular lesions on the face

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Laser treatment of vascular lesions and their removal

It has been long when modern cosmetology came beyond skincare or wrinkles fighting. Nowadays aesthetic medicine allows offering solutions to an incredibly wide range of issues, problems and states, which used to be extremely difficult to tackle from the medical point of view, or impossible at all.

Modern technologies provide a complete range of solutions and methods for treatment of the widest possible spectrum of vascular lesions many of us face. Hemangioma, telangiectasia, port-wine stains, reticular and spider veins on legs, veins on face, rosacea, angioma and many other lesions of the spectrum can be tackled with effective and painless laser treatment.

In Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska patients with vascular pathologies receive treatment with the revolutionary and the only one in Ukraine Harmony XL Pro laser from Alma company (Germany). The spectrum of the laser modules helps to treat vascular lesions. Thus, LP 1064 nm module which is a long-wave neodymium ND:YAG laser with contact cooling function allows to remove vascular lesions up to 4mm (including leg veins). The wave length is 1064 nm, more powerful heating and longer laser pulse allow to work on deeper lesions, while the unique wide-angle head and point applicator improves veins visualization under the skin.

It is important that the technology is supplemented with simultaneous contact and longer lasting skin cooling which allows minimizing any risks of complications and the procedure itself becomes way more comfortable for patients.

Experts of Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska also use Dye VL laser module (AFT technology 500-600 nm) to treat vascular lesions. This tool is a highly effective solution for removal of small capillary vascular lesions. The principles is based on the unique development of Alma Lasers – advanced fluorescence technology with narrow spectrum diapason 500-600 nm for special treatment of vascular lesions. What makes it especially effective is the fact that the narrow band spectrum is the most optimal diapason for absorbing hemoglobin oriented at vascular lesions. The new and improved Dye-VL PRO applicator with cooling technology featuring aiming pulse and high peak powers allow reaching wonderful clinic results.

Both laser modules are aims at treatment of the widest possible range of vascular lesions: benign (noncancerous) vascular lesions, port-wine stains, hemangioma, shallow and deep telangiectasia, reticular and spider veins on legs, face veins, rosacea, Civatte poikiloderma, angioma and many more.

Treatment is absolutely secure due to the maximum control over influence parameters. During one procedure it is possible to use several types of laser influence, thus reaching the best possible effect within the most optimal terms. Procedures do not have side effects, do not provoke rehabilitation periods and do not require taking painkillers. The most important is your wish and readiness to trust and rely on the experts in Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska who will choose the most effective and suitable solutions for you and your individual needs.

To learn the detailed description of services in vascular lesions treatment provided at Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska, please visit our website.

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Price List

Vascular lesions and hemangioma laser removal

Upper lip450₴
Nasal wings550₴
Legs 10х10 cm1000₴
Spider veins (1 item)350₴
Hemagiomas 1-2 items / 1 cm2700₴
Hemagiomas (3 to 5 items)1000₴
Hemagiomas ( 6 to 10 items )1300₴
Hemagiomas ( 11 to 20 items )1700₴
Hemagiomas ( 21 to 35 items)2700₴
Port-wine stain (up to 10 mm)1000₴
Port-wine stain (up to 20 mm)1800₴
Port-wine stain (up to 50 mm)4000₴
Port-wine stain (up to100 mm)7000₴
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