Laser acne treatment

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ClearSkin is the first technology and the only one in Ukraine at the moment that combines non-ablative laser Er Glass 1540 nm with simultaneous contact cooling and vacuum for fast and effective treatment.

Its influence:

  • Suppresses inflammation of sebaceous glands
  • Destruction of acne bacteria
  • Decreased sebum (fat) secretion.

1 procedure is enough to partially reduce inflammation, smooth skin and return its healthy look.

The procedure is completely painless and does not cause any discomfort.

Guaranteed result

Guaranteed result, no injuries, you can keep going with your regular social activity immediately afterwards.

  • Treatment immediately affects all components of the pathogenesis (“causes”) of acne, including excessive secretion of sebaceous glands.
  • Treatment of almost all forms of acne, including pustular, moderate and severe cases, up to cases of cystic and acne conglobata.
  • Improvement after the first treatment session
  • Painless and safe treatment

To find out about the effectiveness of ClearSkin program in your particular case, make an appointment with the specialist at our clinic.

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prices for our services

Price List

Acne and blackheads treatment Clear Skin

1 pulse100₴
Chin10 min450₴
Forehead10 min700₴
Cheeks20 min680₴
Neck20 min770₴
Т-zone20 min950₴
Cleavage10 min1020₴
Face30 min1200₴
Shoulders (down to elbow)30 min1450₴
Shoulder girdle40 min1650₴
Face + neck + cleavage50 min2200₴
Back40 min3000₴
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