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How teeth removal deforms appearance and whether it is possible to deal with the issue

A beautiful, smooth, radiant smile is a dream of almost every one of us. And the same smile in combination with carved cheekbones, sharpened facial lines is, in general, the standard and goal, sung by glamorous magazines and celebrities. In the pursuit of so-called Hollywood standards, we are ready to get rid of “extra” teeth, cut healthy ones, covering them with veneers, change the jaw shape completely, risking to face the consequences, which are not talked about, since it turns out to be far a very glamorous side of an overly glamorous medal.


About the impact of dental manipulations on the shape of face, cosmetic correction of side effects of tooth removal and cooperation of dentists and medical aestheticians, we spoke with Myroslava Novosilska, PhD in Medical Sciences, dermatologist-oncologist, cosmetologist, contour injection specialist and founder of Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska.


“Today, few people think about how interconnected can be the work of seemingly different and distant specialists – a dentist and medical aesthetician. However, the connection is really obvious and often after manipulations with teeth, patients seek services of injection specialists,”- explains Dr. Novosilska.


Most often the need for cosmetic intervention occurs in patients who remove teeth or install braces. As you know, these two procedures are often interrelated. And, unfortunately, sometimes have a number of negative consequences for the patient’s face.


  • First of all, the reason is in teeth removal, after which the bone septa, which previously had a tooth, begin to dissolve and, as a result, a hollow may form on the jaw. This is what causes the consequences.
  • Thus, when wisdom teeth (also known as eight teeth) are removed, the cheeks may sink, there is a risk of deformation of the face oval, the lower third of the face is lowered. This is especially true for those who try to “make” their cheekbones by removing the eights. Believe me, the consequences are not worth it, and the results are more than doubtful.
  • If you have to remove several front teeth, the lips are directly affected – the upper or lower lip can literally sink, because they lose internal resistance.
  • If the canine teeth are removed, you may notice a deformation and change in the smile. Not to mention the appearance of new wrinkles on the entire lower third of the face and a distinct “barcode” around the lips.

In short, such dental manipulations actually carry serious risks for the patient’s face in general, and therefore one should be ready for them. Fortunately, modern medicine, particularly the aesthetic one, offers patients a sufficient range of tools to solve the above mentioned problems.

How to solve the problem, if this situation has already developed

A professional plastic esthetician is able to solve any problem that may arise after tooth extraction. Injection procedures will come in handy here, which allow to model the desired facial lines litearlly “from scratch”, professional lifting, if there is a need to combat gravity factors and, of course, lipolitics in the case of combating a double chin, which can also appear as a consequence of serious dental manipulations”, – explains Dr. Novosilska, and adds that the entire arsenal of procedures that can be used in such situations, in fact, is very broad, and a competent and qualified specialist will be able to make the most accurate and effective individual treatment program for the patient.


The direct cooperation between an esthetician and dentist, who works directly with the patient, is also important. So that the two courses of treatment harmoniously complement each other, and not on the other way round.

Myroslava Novosilska makes special emphasis on the issue of smoothing the asymmetry of lips and, in general, working with the contour of lips when installing braces.

“Nowadays, the global network often spreads the information that any injection procedures on the lips are completely contraindicated for patients who install braces. I do not agree with this statement, moreover, I will say that the injection procedures can be useful for patients who install braces and face the problem of lips asymmetry. It often happens that at this time this problem becomes noticeable and causes significant discomfort. In such situations, injectable plastic surgery can provide an effective solution. What is important is to use hyaluronic acid fillers and avoid biopolymer gels, which are contraindicated for patients with braces,” – explains Dr. Novosilska.

Dr. Novosilska also emphasizes that such procedures should be performed no earlier than 2-4 months after the braces installation. In such cases, collaboration between an aesthetician and orthodontist will be of utmost importance so that a clear schedule of procedures and follow-up care can be determined.

And, by all means, after the procedure it is important to properly care for your lips and visit your doctor regularly. With this approach, the result of the procedure will be of the highest quality and duration.


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