Enlargement of the male genitalia without surgery

“Today, correction and augmentation of the male genitals turned from a hard-to-reach, traumatic and painful surgery into a cosmetic procedure lasting no longer than one hour”, – said Dr. Myroslava Novosilska, PhD in Medical Sciences, dermatologist-oncologist, contour injection specialist, founder and owner of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

Intimate plastic surgery for men: What should you know in the first place? 

“The first thing that every man, who is seriously thinking about correcting his penis, should remember is that there is nothing to be ashamed of, – Dr. Myroslava Novosilska said. – Yes, society tells us every day what we should look like, what external and internal traits we should have and even how our intimate life should go. Because of this, men constantly feel, though hidden, but no less huge pressure. And the percentage of those who are openly dissatisfied with the size of their genitals is impressive.

According to various data, it reaches up to 80%. On the contrary, in Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of the Doctor Myroslava Novosilska, the service of non-surgical penis enlargement has already become a common procedure. Gradually gaining popularity in Lviv, this revolutionary technology has recently begun to attract customers from other regions of the country to the medical institution. And it is due to the simplicity, speed, minimal discomfort and a short rehabilitation period.


Problems of men’s concern

Most often men seek solutions to satisfy their desire to increase the penis size. Reasons underlying this decision are usually quite obvious: intimate difficulties, lack of sexual satisfaction of both patients and their partners, erectile dysfunction caused by psychological discomfort and so on. “And, as practice shows, we can solve these problems by means of a special procedure,” says Dr. Myroslava Novosilska.

Is it possible to enlarge penis quickly and painlessly? 

To increase the penis size, we use the technique of painless hyaluronic acid injections. High-concentration hyaluronic fillers are injected into the penis tissues, which help to increase the size of both the head (glans penis) and the entire trunk (corpus). In addition, fillers improve elasticity and tropism. According to Dr. Myroslava Novosilska, the procedure results in significantly better quality of sexual life, lack of complexes, greater self-confidence. In fact, this is why men choose this procedure.

Indications and contraindications to male genital enlargement 

Contraindications to the injection procedure are minimal. They include individual intolerance to the filler components, psychological disorders, exacerbation of chronic conditions, sexually transmitted infections, severe autoimmune diseases, presence of inflammatory processes in the body. If you are not ready to direct manipulations with your genitals, but still want to improve the quality of your intimate life, Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Dr. Myroslava Novosilska offers a service of injection procedures on acupuncture points of the body.

“I studied this technique in Japan. It’s based on both intravenous and intramuscular injection of the medication into specific points on the human body. I want to note that it refers not to male exclusively. The procedure increases male potency and also reduces frigidity in women. Thus, it is suitable for the representatives of both sexes,” explains Dr. Myroslava Novosilska. This procedure is also performed in several stages. Depending on the health state and the results of a patient’s tests. The list of possible contraindications is the same as in the case of fillers injection into the penis tissues.


Rehabilitation and result 

“It is important to understand that this is a non-surgical procedure. The level of invasiveness is minimal, injectable. That is why the rehabilitation period is also as short as the shortest possible. We suggest having up to two procedures a year. During the first one, two medications are injected into genitals, the next one, depending on the patient’s individual characteristics, is carried out in 10-30 days. The result is a noticeable increase in size and general improvement in the condition of genitals. Nevertheless, the effect is not permanent. Over time, fillers naturally dissolve in body tissues, and then, if desired, the procedure can be repeated. On average, the tangible effect lasts for about a year,” says Dr. Myroslava Novosilska.

“Over the years that I have been performing these procedures, I have been able to see firsthand the way we can change the lives of our patients for the better. This awareness and understanding of the importance of my work is invaluable, – Dr. Myroslava Novosilska tells. – I hope that our men will also understand that often the problems seemingly critical and difficult to solve are absolutely solvable. The most important is the desire to take the first step. And, of course, addressing professionals. In our field, this is the key to success.”

5 reasons to try the procedure of penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid fillers:

  1. Intimate plastic surgery with hyaluronic fillers is the most effective way to get rid of asymmetry or abnormalities in penis development. Hyaluronic acid injections help to give penis the right shape and get rid of the effects of abnormal physiological development. Moreover, hyaluronic acid fillers generally improve penis appearance, increase skin tone and have rejuvenating and regenerating properties.
  2. Penis enlargement is also the comfort of your partner. Especially if a woman has had several births or given birth to twins. In such cases, the walls of the vagina lose tone, the relief of the walls changes and, naturally, the sensitivity of intimacy reduces. Quite often women think of surgical narrowing of the vagina after childbirth. But this is a serious and traumatic procedure. Therefore, penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid is a safer and less traumatic alternative to solve the problem.
  3. Hyaluronic acid fillers will help athletes who deal with prolonged intense exercise, use steroids or anabolics and use special protective underwear that can disrupt the blood supply to the pelvic organs. 
  4. Penis enlargement is an effective way to overcome your own complexes, lack of confidence and, consequently, improve the quality of intimate life. Contour injection plastic allows to increase both the volume of the head and the overall length of the penis.
  5. Penis enlargement by injection is a non-traumatic and quick procedure that does not require long-term rehabilitation. The duration of the procedure does not exceed 30 minutes, the rehabilitation period does not require serious changes of daily routine, and the obtained effect (because hyaluronic acid is naturally excreted from the body) lasts on average one year. Afterwards, if you are satisfied with your improved and renewed body, you can repeat the procedure.

“We are sure that you will want to repeat the procedure every year, because you get used to its effect very quickly and just do not want to reject it. Our regular clients are a vivid proof of it and every day they remind me that we can make people’s lives more pleasant and comfortable in such a simple and obvious way,” says Dr. Myroslava Novosilska. So, make a decision, make your life better and, of course, much more enjoyable. Moreover, internationally recognised specialists working at the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Dr. Myroslava Novosilska are ready to help you with this today.

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