Dr. Myroslava Novosilska, a trichologist and hair transplant specialist, spoke at the International Summit

global hair loss summit dubai 2020

Millions of people around the world experience the hair loss problem. There are many causes of hair loss as well as treatment hereof. The most important step is to correctly diagnose the cause of the problem and begin individual treatment immediately. One of the effective solutions is hair transplantation.

What is a hair transplant surgery?

Just as well as in other areas of plastic surgery, medicine has progressed in the field of hair transplantation.
Hair transplantation is the process of moving donor hair follicles from places where they grow in greater numbers to places of their absence.
The indication for hair transplantation is an intensive hair loss, i.e. more than 100 hairs a day. In this case, we speak about alopecia, which can be diagnosed by a trichologist based on the results of a patient examination. The trichologist also defines the degree of pathology and searches for its causes. The most effective solution is seamless hair transplantation (FUE method).

What is a seamless hair transplantation by FUE method?

This method is the most cutting-edge and secure, as it does not injure the skin and does not leave scars. In Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska we provide hair transplantation services based on FUE method.
Patients who decide to cure alopecia in this way leave only positive feedback about the hair transplantation services provided in the clinic.

Trichologist Dr. Myroslava Novosilska presented a hair transplant surgery potential of Ukraine at the GLOBAL HAIR LOSS SUMMIT and became a member of the faculty as one of its founders.
“Nothing helps deepen your knowledge more effectively than sharing it.” GHLS began its work under this slogan.

The Global Hair Loss Summit (GHLS) 2020, led by American doctors, brought together the best and brightest specialists in surgical hair restoration from around the world. In light of the recent changes caused by COVID-19, GHLS was created as a leading virtual, training and networking event in the field of surgical hair restoration and all related methods.

GHLS is dedicated to providing industry-leading educational and networking activities with a focus on collaboration and innovation. Participants study together with their colleagues in the art and science of hair transplant surgery, as well as gain practical knowledge in this aesthetic medicine discipline of high demand. Dr. Myroslava Novosilska, a transplantologist from Ukraine, was invited as a member of the faculty and speaker at the event among the best 50 in this field from such countries as America, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Turkey and others.

It is the first time that Ukraine is represented at such a high-profile event due to the practical activities of the President of the Ukrainian Association of Surgical Hair Restoration – Dr. Myroslava Novosilska. The USHRS has become a partner in education promotion.

The conference took place from December 4 till 6, 2020, in the course of which 5,000 participants from around the world learned about the art and science of hair transplant surgery, improved their knowledge, and gained practical knowledge about future challenges and opportunities in this discipline.

Dr. Myroslava Novosilska made a report on “How to prepare a patient for surgery”.

This issue is necessary for both trichologists who prepare the patient for surgical hair transplantation and surgeons who are beginning their practice. The issue is also important for the patients themselves, because very often a patient arrives for the operation unprepared, and believes that in a day or two, he/she will get new hair at a much cheaper price. But very often, a patient does not realize that not all clients suffering from baldness have indications for being a hair donor.

The work of the trichologist and hair transplant surgeon is based on the international practical experience she gained while studying and practicing in such countries as Turkey and Georgia, where this specialization is most developed.

The scientific work presented at the Global Summit became part of the protocol, which is followed in the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska. Due to this, the number of successful hair transplant surgeries and hair loss treatments is growing and clients get the desired results.
Taking into account the information provided by Dr. Novosilska, her client knows even what to eat in order for the body to be constantly filled with the necessary trace elements and vitamins. Dr. Myroslava Novosilska also carries out the preparatory work to get the scalp ready for hair transplantation and microbiome restoration, which is very important and makes the basis of scientific research in recent years.

Clear instructions and a properly collected patient’s medical history help the trichologist to correctly diagnose the hair loss cause and stimulate the growth of new hair.
Based on her practice, Dr. Myroslava Novosilska notes that very often a client who applies for her consultation for the first time, having received the correct diagnosis and correction of hair loss, is satisfied with the result of treatment and cases are often when a patient wants to increase hair density via transplantation solely for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes.

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