How to get rid of scars and stretch marks

Stretch marks and scars – how to deal with them?

Stretch marks and scars are a problem that many people face at different periods in their lives. Stretch marks appear on the skin for a number of reasons: due to sudden weight gain or loss, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or even during adolescence, when the body changes very quickly and skin simply “does not have time” to adapt to new shapes and sizes. Scars are of more individual nature. They can appear as a result of  a number of completely unpredictable circumstances, while risking to remain a “lifelong” reminder of both good and not too positive moments and events in our life.

After healing of various types of wounds, scarring may occur on the skin. In most cases these scars stay with us for a lifetime.

There are four main types of scars: normotrophic (pink in colour, forms almost within the skin level), atrophic (pale, forms under the skin), hypertrophic (reddish, rising above the skin, can cause discomfort), keloid (the most aggressive form, rises significantly above the skin level, over time may itch and cause pain).

What are stretch marks? What causes them

Stretch marks are one of the scar types that appear after our skin stretches too fast and does not keep up with changes occuring in the size of our body. They appear during pregnancy and adolescence, or when a person rapidly gains or loses weight, or when a person has intensive physical training and gains muscle mass, genetic predisposition is also an important factor.

Most often stretch marks appear on:

  • abdomen
  • breasts
  • thighs and buttocks
  • upper arms
  • back

How to avoid stretch marks after a sudden change in weight: Practical tips

  • A special cosmetic treatment can help: oil or cream (neither cooking nor vegetable, but a special product). When choosing the one, you should avoid products containing vitamin A and salicylic acid (for pregnant and nursing mothers). It is recommended to use a product that contains: jojoba or almond oil, or hyaluronic acid.
  • Brushing massages do not help, moreover, they injure the skin. And folk methods, as studies prove, do not work, or in the best-case scenarios only overdry the skin.

Do stretch marks creams help: Myths and reality

You can prevent stretch marks with the help of creams, but not remove them completely. You can reduce their visibility with the help of retinoid creams and hyaluronic acid, but it will not bring you desired results.

These methods are the most effective in cases with fresh stretch marks only.

Laser therapy for scars and stretch marks removal in LvivHarmony XL Pro

Fortunately, both stretch marks and scars can now be gotten rid of if you address qualified doctors and modern technologies. Laser resurfacing of stretch marks is one of the most effective ways to get rid of them once and for good. The first-class specialists and the state-of-the-art and the only one in Ukraine laser platform Harmony XL Pro by Alma, the German manufacturer, provides the best results for the patients of Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Dr. Myroslava Novosilska. Laser resurfacing of such skin lesions is now recognized as the most effective method of treatment thereof. 

The laser module iPixel Er: YAG 2940 nm is used in the Clinic of Dr. Myroslava Novosilska for laser removal of stretch marks and scars. This masterpiece of modern technology provides high-performance powerful fractional ablative laser treatment of the skin. It not only improves the tone and overall appearance of the skin, its texture and elasticity level, but also accelerates re-epithelization, i.e. faster healing and regeneration of skin tissues.

It is due to this state-of-the-art technology and individual approach, that allows the Clinic’s specialists to ensure the best result possible for each patient: scars and stretch marks are resurfaced, they become much less visible, and even totally disappear. The overall texture of the skin, its appearance and condition also improves. Moreover, at a deep level, the processes of skin rejuvenation and healing are triggered.

One of the main recipes for success and the key factor of the most visible result is an immediate consultation with a doctor after the scar or stretch marks appear. The “fresher” or early stage of  the skin damage, the easier it is to work with them and the better the final result is. That is why experts advise not to postpone a visit to a doctor and start the skin treatment process as soon as possible.

The Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska offers laser treatment of stretch marks all over the body (cleavage, thighs, abdomen, etc.). In addition, the Clinic’s specialists can help you get rid of burn scars, melasma, and postoperative scars. The same goes if you need to remove scars.

What results to expect and how many skin laser resurfacing procedures are required?

After the treatment, stretch marks and scars become barely visible, their color and relief is evened out, becomes close to natural. The most important factor is your desire and willingness for systematic treatment, because in such cases it is not about a single procedure, but a complex approach. Therefore, regularity in this matter is extremely important.

The course usually consists of 6-10 procedures with a frequency of 4-6 weeks.

If you are looking for a high-quality laser scar removal in Lviv – then you should definitely visit our Clinic. Read here about the range of services and prices for scars and pigmentation removal. 

Cesarean section scars: Possible to remove?

Probably, one of the biggest fears of having a baby is the pain of childbirth. And the fear that you will undergo caesarean delivery. There is no point in hiding that physically childbirth is a process far from being pleasant and is accompanied by extremely painful sensations. Unfortunately, none of us is insured against the risk of a C-section. A woman should also be aware of the possible risks. As well as of the consequences for the body and appearance associated with a cesarean section.

However, one of the most visible consequences for a woman may be a normal scar on the abdomen. Fortunately, doctors have now learned to sew incisions with preciseness of “jewellers”, but women often have to deal with a mutilated lower abdomen after a cesarean section. And here, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology comes with effective solutions.

For instance, the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska offers a range of injection and hardware techniques, including laser scar removal, which allows to almost completely remove scars from the skin. 

Laser scar removal is one of the Clinic’s specialties and has already helped dozens of patients solve their problems. At the same time, the specialists of the Clinic focus women’s attention on the need of proper care for a fresh scar.

Yes, it is very important not to remove the sutures too early, and at the slightest itching or the first signs of inflammation at the incision site – see a doctor immediately.

How to care for the skin after childbirth: Fight against pigmentation, stretch marks and more

Well, pregnancy and childbirth is already behind, the baby peacefully snorts in the crib and you can finally take care of your loved self, and your body, which created this, without exaggeration, the miracle of a new life.

It is the female body which “faces” most challenges during pregnancy. The changes that a woman’s body goes through in 9 months and during childbirth are cardinal and often traumatic. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of it, after the work is done, with special care and attention.

After pregnancy, women mostly face a “standard” set of problems to tackle:

– Dryness and sensitivity or, conversely, increased oiliness of the skin

– Pigmentation (including genitals)

– Acne

– Stretch marks

It is worth noting that during breastfeeding, your cosmetic tools in skin and body care are still significantly limited. Therefore, you will be able to start restoring your body “at full” capacity only after this stage of your life with your baby. However, after childbirth, you can make the first steps on the way to regain your normal state.

  • Our first piece of advice is to consult a professional dermatologist, esthetician or cosmetologist. This step will be the key to the most competent and properly selected care scheme. Thus, the result will come faster and be more pronounced.
  • Select the right home care kit. Your skin is likely to have changed its type during pregnancy and the products you would use before may no longer suit you. For example, you may have had oily or combination skin before pregnancy, and after childbirth you may have dry and sensitive skin. Select home care products with this in mind.
  • Remember, you need a cleanser, toner, active ingredients serum and moisturizer. Sunscreen is a must for the day time. Avoid drugs with retinol and retinoids – they are contraindicated during breastfeeding. Instead, you can actively use vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, serum with centella, etc. Products with AHA acids are also allowed. By the way, high-quality vitamin C and AHA acids can be your faithful helpers in the fight against pigmentation. It is quite often that skin darkening and melasma gradually disappear after childbirth.

However, if it does not happen or you just want to speed up the process, the above mentioned ingredients can help. Crucial is to choose quality products and use sunscreen – it is a must if you want to get rid of skin discoloration. If you have already stopped breastfeeding, the following procedures are at your disposal – medium peels, whitening and mesotherapy. These techniques have already proven effective in treating skin pigmentation.




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