Painful topic: Epidural anesthesia and caesarean section – possible risks and consequences for a woman

It seems that one of the biggest fears women have about childbirth is labour pains. In addition, they are also afraid of having a C-section. It is not a secret that childbirth is not very pleasant and it is always accompanied by extreme pain. Unfortunately, sometimes there is still some risk of having an unexpected Caesarean section. That is why the problem of Caesarean section and anaesthesia is relevant and valid from year to year and scientists keep on improving these methods.

Speaking about Cesarean section, several factors should be taken into account: The cesarean section itself, the consequences women have to deal with, and, of course, anesthesia, which is a mandatory element of this operation. So let us discuss them one by one.

Let us start with anesthesia. Epidural anaesthesia is one of the most popular types of anesthesia, if a woman or doctors decide to use it during childbirth, or in case of Cesarean section. Epidural analgesics are injected into the cerebrospinal fluid. This can be a single injection or long infusion of the appropriate drugs, which is controlled by the woman herself with the help of a special button. It is believed that this technique reduces pain during childbirth and even the level of trauma for women. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind the whole spectrum of possible consequences and side effects that Epidural anaesthesia can lead to. Anyway, an incredible amount of drugs which is injected into the body of a woman can literally immobilize the entire lower part of the body. Unfortunately, such aggressive manipulations cannot be without any consequences.

Mild side effects are usually reflected on the skin. Thus, there is a possibility of allergic reaction to the patch, which is fixed in the place of injection. In addition, after this anesthesia, a patient may face some rash on the body. In some cases, even intense pruritus/itching is possible. Dry mucous membranes, general dryness of the skin, drowsiness and thirst are possible. In some cases, a patient may het chills or fever.

In addition, about two-thirds of women experience problems with self-emptying of the bladder. Therefore, special catheters must be used.

One common consequence is also a headache, which can accompany young mothers even during the year after childbirth. Anesthesia is also associated with increased hair loss, which is a usual concern for women after childbirth and during breastfeeding.

It is worth noting that the use of epidural anesthesia in childbirth does not necessarily lead to the above-mentioned complications. Nevertheless, women should be ready for possible risks.

On the one hand, cesarean section has a number of positive effects for women, because it helps to avoid traumatic consequences that often occur during natural childbirth. On the other hand, cesarean section is a serious operation and, above all, requires a long rehabilitation period, which leads to a number of not very pleasant physiological difficulties (such as problems with bowel work, menstruation changes, possible bleeding, etc.). However, the usual scar on the stomach may be one of the most noticeable consequences for a woman.

Fortunately, now doctors have already learned how to sew incisions as real jewelers, but women after cesarean sections often have to deal with the actually not very beautiful lower abdomen. And here are esthetic medicine and cosmetology that come to the aid to solve the problem. Therefore, for example, Esthetic Medicine Clinic of Dr. Myroslava Novosilska offers a whole range of injections and hardware techniques that allow removing scars from the skin almost completely. This direction of work is one of the clinic’s specializations. It has already helped dozens of patients to solve their problems. At the same time, specialists of the Clinic draw women’s attention to the need of proper fresh scars care. Therefore, it is very important not to remove the seams prematurely, but at the slightest itch or the first signs of inflammation in the incision zone one should immediately consult a doctor.
The birth of a child is not easy, but the outcome is worth all the trouble. Moreover, modern medicine can already offer women a wide range of services and procedures that will make their life and post-natal rehabilitation as comfortable as possible.  So give birth to your children, be happy with them, and all the rest will be taken care of by the professionals.


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