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Aesthetic Medical Clinic of Myroslava Novosilska

There are various reasons which can make us to visit a cosmetologist. So, what are the affects our choices, in this case, which we value the first? There are education, qualifications, experience, reputation! Ph.D. in Medicine, MD, dermatologist-oncologist, cosmetologist, contour plastic specialist, certified trainer of the company S.I.P.Phitogen Myroslava Novosilska is visiting BZ not for the first time. Thus, this conversation has brought a surprise …

– It was almost a year after our interview with you about the benefits of biovitarisation, which excludes surgical intervention. And now you are preparing to defend a diploma in plastic surgery in Israel … What made you to pay attention to this field?

– In fact, I have been dedicated to this opinion for several years. There is no limit for perfection. I will always try to avoid things, which I can do without scalpel, but there are consequences of unsuccessful plastic, heavy burns, military injuries … I want to do everything fight for the beauty of the faces of our oldiers, whose faces were handsome previously, and do not permit them to scare the children outdoors. I want to help people, including the children who were born with defects of appearance:cleft lip, cleft palate …

– At the end of October, the Aesthetic Medical Clinic of Myroslava Novosilska will be opened. What are the main directions to be presented in it? How to do you form a staff, choose specialists?

– As about directions, there is everything that concerns the aesthetics of a person, body. The best specialists from different countries where I was trained, took my suggestion to consult our patients. And also here will be the best of my students and colleagues, who will head the department of the clinic.

– You gave the clinic your own name, o, too many people want to come to you directly! Moreover, your professional life is very enriched: you practice and teach yourself, constantly studying and all the time are in a disassembly – internships, seminars, symposia, scientific conferences … Will the clinic make your life settled?

– Everyone hopes for that, and I will not upset anyone. As long as God gives me strength to help and work, life will only bring some improvements. I will try to meet everybody by my own, as I already have patients who became such native for me, and the quality of services, way and comfort zone will only improve!

– How are you able to do everything of that?! You have recently passed an exam in Amsterdam and received a PhD qualification. Why did you choose Amsterdam?

– I fell in love with it! It is a city where it is very convenient to communicate: English and German are in general use. And why the Netherlands – I really like their educatory system! I enjoyed the feeling I felt on the exam at first in my life. You can feel being on a different level: they ask you questions by the way, in which you rely on your own answers. A further discussing them with the professor caused such an upsurge of feelings that I accidently decided that everything had just starting. There is no limit to perfection. I want to do my professorial work in the Netherlands.

– You have already got a lot of thankful customers from Odessa. I sour city still being in your work schedule, or will you be glad to meet us in Lviv?

– People from Odessa like Lviv as well as people from Lviv love Odessa. I will not disclose all the secrets, but Aesthetic Medical Clinic of Myroslava Novosilska has already received the proposal, which is even very interesting, – as a franchise. So, who knows – maybe, we will be opened in Odessa!




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