Peeling of the scalp

Not only face and body but also scalp needs to be scratched. After all, excessive accumulation of dead parts of the epidermis, usually, provokes the formation of dandruff.

The main task of peeling a scalp is its deep cleansing, elimination of dead cells, surpluses of a skin fat and remnants of cosmetic means.

The head peeling is recommended primarily for oily scalp, as home-made shampoos do not normally wash off the remnants of the dead cells of our skin, thus accumulating and forming a magnifying glass. Also recommended for:

  • treatment of skin diseases, including seborrhea;
  • treating excessive hair loss;
  • regulation of the sebaceous glands;
  • removing dandruff

Regular peeling of the hair part of the head improves the recovery of cells, stimulates the feeding of hair follicles, saturation with oxygen, as a result of hair grows more dense and strong.


The whole process of peeling the scalp takes about an hour. The recommended frequency is 2-3 times a month.

At first glance, the procedure looks simple and it seems that it can be easily replicated at home, however, even if you do not have serious problems with your scalp (seborrhea, dandruff), peeling a head needs a trichologist’s prior consultation.

For peeling of the scalp, we use Rolland’s natural Italian cosmetics (O-way line). Cosmetics do not contain chemical compounds or impurities. It is made exclusively on the basis of herbal extracts, such as extract from flax seed, aloe, horse chestnut, fruit acid, etc. Rolland Oway is designed to be the most beneficial for your skin and hair.

Due to the healing components of the skin, the head and hair are thoroughly cleansed, the cells receive the necessary amount of moisture and oxygen, and the growth of new hairs is intensified.



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