Main goal: get rid of broken hair


Every day our hair is exposed to adverse weather conditions: abrupt changes in temperature, humidity, exposure to sunlight in the summer and negative temperatures in the winter. Lump and dry hair has many reasons – from malnutrition to poor hair care.

• Frequent extreme hot thermal float: hair dryer, flatbed, iron.

• Hair coloring.

• Regular use of aggressive means of laying: varnish, foam, gel.

• Unbalanced nutrition.



For the prevention of pricked hair tips, there is one main rule: do not hurt. That is why daily basic care will save your hair from brittleness:

– Ideal temperature for washing the head – 38 degrees. Hot water destroys not only dirt, but also a thin protective film of a hair.

– Choose organic shampoos without sulfates. And be sure to moisten your hair with air conditioning or balm.

– Do not rub the hair with a towel in order not to ruin its structure. The curl of hair in a towel, so he will carefully absorb all excess moisture.

– Dry your hair in a natural way. If you do not have the time, then choose the low temperature and speed of the hair dryer. A high temperature leads to the coagulation of the protein of the hair.

– Do not disassemble wet hair in any way.

– Comb for combing should be wooden or ceramic with rounded tips.

– Hair, and especially the tips, require moisture. Various oils and irresistible moisturizers will perfectly protect the tips from dryness.


Excessive fragility and dryness can also have a trichological basis. The very first person who can externally suspect or have visible manifestations of head skin problems is your hairdresser.


Therefore, if you are worried about anything, it’s best to contact a trichologist, for advice and advice. It is important to eliminate the root of the problem, and not just its external features.

Of course, in order to maintain a healthy appearance of hair and styling, you need to periodically cut the hair so that it does not lose its shape.

Our clinic can also offer the most up-to-date Rolland hair restoration and reconstructive treatment (O-way line). One of the world’s leading companies in Italy uses only naturally-grown plants to make their cosmetics.

O-way hair reconstruction includes not only restoring hair along its length, but also directly affects the scalp, which helps to improve blood circulation.

For a better result of the procedure, a special plate with UV and infra-red beams is used.



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