It seems a little word frightens a modern woman like a climax. It often seems that this life stage marks almost an official “end” of full-fledged life and the arrival of true old age. But is it true? And should women be frightened of this natural process? Or perhaps it’s better to take control of your own life and decide how your body will feel and work? Now, in 2019, this is quite possible. And even if (or when) you still enter the new, climacteric period of your life, you are able to make it as comfortable as possible. And we will tell you how.

So, one of the most noticeable negative aspects of the climax is the condition and the work of the genital organs. In particular, female labia. It is during this period that the labia may suddenly lose volume, elasticity, cover with saturated pigmentation. These most noticeable visual signs often cause not only psychological but also physical discomfort of a woman.

We can, of course, advise you to drink as much water as possible and remain confident in ourselves. And these two moments remain immutable truth always and everywhere. However, with all of the above problems, the procedure for moisturizing female labia with special “cocktails” with hyaluronic acid will be much better.

“In essence, this is well known to us for biorevitalization, only for the most intimate part of the body. This service, which is already provided by Ukrainian cosmetology clinics, will help make the menopause much more comfortable and minimize discomfort from natural physiological changes in the body of women, “says Myroslava Novosilskaya, a dermatologist oncologist, cosmetologist, contour plastic injection injector and founder of the Clinic aesthetic medicine of the doctor Myroslava Novosilskaya (Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Myroslava Novosilska).

Intimate bio revitalization, due to the intense hydration of body tissues, will help relieve the sensation of itching, which often occurs just in the early menopause, eliminates dryness of the mucous membrane. And this, in turn, will increase self-confidence, relieve discomfort, and improve the quality of the woman’s intimate life.

In addition, Mrs. Myroslava advises to try the procedure for enlarging the labia with hyaluronic acid. This service also helps women of the climacteric age to lead the fullest possible life and not feel discomfort. Including questions about intimate ones.

“I recommend to pass 1-2 procedures of filling and about 4 procedures of moistening during the year. With such complex treatment, our Clinic’s patients get rid of both physical and psychological discomfort and significantly improve their personal lives. Including the most intimate moments. A happy smile on the faces of my clients is always the best proof of the efficiency of work, “Myroslava Novosilska shares.

According to the doctor, for more than a year of the work of the Clinic of aesthetic medicine of the doctor Myroslava Novosilskaya procedure in intimate areas of the female body has become extremely in demand. The reason is their availability, low trauma, and, most importantly, efficiency.

“We are not talking about complicated surgical interventions with anesthetics, scars and rehabilitation periods. It’s about a pain-free aesthetic procedure that can qualitatively improve the state of health of a woman at any stage of her life. And I’m glad that we in our Clinic have the capacity to do it professionally and with maximum care for each patient. “


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