Rosacea or pink acne

Rosacea or pink acne are found in 10% of patients in the whole planet Earth! Mostly sick people after 30 years! The disease belongs to the group of Chronic Dermatoses; That is, it is practically impossible to cure, only long-term remission is possible Now let’s talk about the risk factors of the disease:

• It should be understood that means or procedures that cause vasodilatation or injury are prohibited (saunas, hot baths, alcohol, hot and hot food, aggressive facial cleansing, scrubbing, etc.; emotional overload is a common cause of the disease; also intensive physical exercises, and most importantly, protection from sunlight by sunscreens and hats in the spring, summer and autumn. In terms of examination, the most important analysis is the detection of demodex (subcutaneous mite), which is often caused or closely related to rosacea!
In addition to medical therapy, in accordance with the protocol of treatment and exclusion of risk factors, a means to care for sensitive skin should be selected


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