Spring came with her and her foot care

Most often the growing corn appears on the toes, its “favorite” places – the interdigital gap between the first and second, as well as between the fourth finger and little finger. Corn may appear on the soles, for example, on pads under the fingers or right in the middle of the heel. There are cortical corms and on their hands.

The most common cause of any corns on the legs is uncomfortable or inappropriate footwear. Very often people who suffer from callus are high-heeled shoes. Such shoes, if worn constantly, greatly increases the pressure on the entire front of the foot, which promotes the appearance of corns. But if you handle a regular water bubble is not too difficult, the main thing is to detect and not to destroy it in a timely manner, then it will not always be possible to get rid of obsolete dry calluses quickly. Most troubles are delivered by the so-called core or growing corns. Sometimes the appearance of corn can be associated with even some problems in the body.

Corn corn may appear:

on any part of the body, from prolonged mechanical impact;

as a result of injured skin introduced into it by a foreign subject. For example, a rake or a grain of sand, give a permanent traumatic effect on the skin, than provoke its accelerated keratinization;

skin damage by viral or fungal infection.

Untreated properly, the wet corn may gradually turn into a dry, which in turn is able to “rotate” and begin to grow deep into the tissues.

If you can get cortical corn quickly enough, the process of getting rid of it often takes a lot of time. The easiest way to entrust this procedure to professionals.

At this time in the podium, experts propose a method for removing corns by drilling. With a hardware pedicure, a special cutter, selected in size, carefully, without injuring the surrounding tissue, remove the core corn, carefully watching that it has been completely eliminated. After removal of corn in the deepening laid an anti-inflammatory or antifungal drug.

In contrast to the rather complex and long-term treatment of cortical calluses, their prevention does not require any excessive effort. It’s enough to just adhere to the elementary rules:

keep track of the cleanliness of the legs;

Do not wear uncomfortable shoes, nor do not go constantly on high heels;

Do not forget to use softening creams and remedies against sweating of the legs;

there appeared scum, and especially blisters with fluid, immediately begin to treat, without allowing them to transform into internal corn.

It should be noted that in the “Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine Myroslava Novosilskaya” procedure for the removal of internal corns is almost painless and allows you to get rid of this problem in one session ..


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