Ingrown Nail (Onychocryptosis)

Ingrown nail (onychocroptosis) – the nail plate nail in the edge of the nail plate. This disease can affect nails, both on the arms and legs. But most often the big toe is affected. The nail can grow from both the inside and the outside. The onychocryptosis that has been launched can lead to chronic suppuration, which limits the ability to travel.

Many believe that the cause of an ingrown nail on the leg is just the wrong haircut. This is probably the main cause of nail growth, but in fact it is a lot of them. These include:

• Wearing too narrow in a sock footwear. This mainly concerns women who choose shoes with narrow ends, and most importantly, they go for a long time in them.

• Overweight. Often, an overgrown nail becomes a problem for pregnant women who are rapidly gaining weight.

• Low-quality pedicure. These are the things we talked about above. The growth of nails on the legs may be due to the wrong pedicure, when nail clipping is done with rounding them around the edges.

• Fungal diseases affecting the feet and fingers. At the same time, nails start to grow up incorrectly or thicken and eventually slip into the skin.

• Hereditary onychoicrosis. An incorrect form of the nail, which is inherited, can also be one of the reasons why nails grow on the legs. This also includes flattening as an ancestral factor that provokes nail growth.

• Various injuries associated with deformation of the nail.

First of all, those with whom the nail grows:

· It is necessary to abandon narrow shoes, compresses the foot;

· It is necessary to constantly observe the hygiene of the feet, wash them daily with warm water, change socks and stockings;

· After the hygienic procedure, rub and rub the fingers and the whole foot upwards from the bottom. It improves blood circulation throughout the foot.

It is very important to properly cut the nails – not too short and not cutting the corners, that is, in such a way that the edge of the nail was almost straight line and protruded over soft tissues. In this case, the nail will not grow into the skin.

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