Reconstruction of hair with Italian cosmetics Rolland

OW Rebuilding (TM ROLLAND hair restoration procedure)

The sun, salt and chlorine cause great stress for the length of the hair. If we also add excess heat, urban smog and environmental factors, your hair may be more damaged and weakened, and as a result, it is less manageable during haircuts and less ready to dye or light.

Unlike the skin, the hair is not always able to regenerate everything on its own, and it requires a deep interference throughout its length.

REBUILDING is a deep regenerative treatment that restores the internal and external structures of damaged hair. A complete individual program that provides hair fibers with its main components: Biomimetic vegetable proteins, which restore structural damage by reconstructing the molecular structure of keratin; lipids that create a protective layer around the cuticle and trace elements and minerals that provide strength, softness and stability. It is very important that the reconstruction procedures consist of both oligoelements, such as iron, zinc and free fatty acids, and from the amino acids keratin, in order to obtain the body and structure of the cellulose. Hair is becoming more and more healthy, strong and bright day after day. It will also be able to withstand thermal and oxidative stresses.

Cold procedures such as infrared radiation and ultrasound waves help to ensure effective drug absorption and longer lasting results. In the field of hair care, infra-red rays are used to treat damaged hair tissue. The heating is made by electromagnetic vibrations of infra-red radiation, which is not harmful. Ultrasound is an exclusive agent that optimizes any treatment.

Equally important for maintenance is home care with special shampoos and masks, which will ensure stable results, increasing the capillary structure. Do not forget about your own beauty treatments!


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