Children in school, lice in attack!

It is commonly believed in society that the main cause of pediculosis is a violation of personal hygiene; there is also the claim that lice live only in the social groups, but contrary to the stereotypes that have already been formed, the Aesthetic medicine clinic Myroslav Novosilskaya will prove that not only this is the cause of these “Uninvited guests”, pediculosis (lice) can appear in completely well-off families, as there are many ways of getting infected. There are several types of lice that parasitize on the human body: it is the main lice (which lives on the head, most often the area behind the ears and the back of the head), the wool (this is a kind of head lice, but they do not live on the hairy parts of the body, but migrate and live on clothes and different fabrics and soft toys), pubic lice (this is a lice that lives on the intimate areas of the body, and especially in the pubic area). Usually, at the same time, a person suffers from some kind of pediculosis, but there are exceptions in rare cases, it can be mixed when simultaneously the head of the lice and pubic lice parasitize on the human body. Nets and lice can not jump and fly, they fly and run, although everyone thinks they jump is a myth! Therefore, it is possible to get infected with pediculosis (lice) in close contact with an infected person. The main risk group includes children and people who work and study in teams, contacting during the day with a large number of different people. Often, babies bring home this creature from gardens and schools, infecting another child or using a single item of hygiene, such as: a towel, comb, brush, elastic band and hair clips, through contact with the cushion, clothing, hats. Dear parents, please disregard your children from this bad habit of using someone else’s scallops, clothes and trying out other people’s hats. Often, infection with pediculosis occurs in hotels through bed linen, baths, hairdressing salons (lice can move to hair through the comb, which have been combed by an infected person), in the pool, etc.

Lice live for about 35-38 days. The rate of distribution of lice is very high – as soon as an adult female falls on the head or human body, she begins to actively lay eggs. Every day a female parasite lays on four eggs, the so-called nits. Due to the special chitin substance, the egg firmly holds on the hair, and after 10-20 days out of it comes out another lice.

Recognize and diagnose pediculosis is quite simple, there are several main symptoms: the presence of lice and nits on the hair of the head, the body and in the genital area; strong rising itch (occurs due to bites of parasites); rash, threatening to become chronic dermatitis; small spots on the skin – 3-10 mm (remain after insect bites). Usually itching intensifies at night when a person is in a relaxed state. If the pediculosis goes into chronic form, a person may not feel itchy. You can not postpone treatment. First, the disease may become chronic and cause complications; and secondly, the fact of the presence of lice is very unpleasant in itself, besides, in everyday contact people can infect other people. With prolonged development of the disease there are some changes in appearance in the structure of the skin and certain parts of the body. Especially strong changes are the area of ??the shoulder blades, lumbar and thighs (inner surface). The skin becomes thick and changes the color (on a gray-brown hue). In our time, pharmacies have a lot of tools to combat these infections, but are they effective?

Remember that in the case of detecting a pedicle, you do not have to rely on the fact that parasites will eventually disappear themselves, this will never happen, they only breed and bring them out even more difficult. The first thing you need to do is to seek advice from a dermatologist who will examine the affected areas, pick up the tools that will help you, and our specialists will eliminate the problem, the doctor will also prescribe medicines and vitamin complex, provide advice on how to stay away from this problem for the future. . As soon as you notice the first symptoms, just contact us, we have effective treatments for this disease.


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