Hygienic cleaning of the back

Cleansing the skin allows you to get rid of clogged pores, dead skin and various disadvantages. After cleansing the skin, the release of enlarged pores from the sebaceous plug is released, due to which the skin is actively enriched with oxygen, which has a beneficial effect on its condition and color. A beautiful, smooth, radiant and healthy skin is not only an invaluable natural gift but also a visible result. correct, careful and caring care, the main place where skin cleansing takes. But it should be understood by each of us that the cleaning of the skin should be carried out in specialized clinics, salons or cosmetologists’ offices we or certified cosmetologists.

Why do you need to clean your face and back?

Despite the high popularity and demand for professional and home skin cleansing methods, it is believed that deep cleansing is necessary only for oily skin, due to which many members of the beautiful sex ask the questions of cosmetologists – which requires cleansing of the face and back if I have dry skin? Let’s take a closer look at what needs cleaning of the skin of the face and back, depending on the type of skin.

Oily skin. The brittle type of the skin is characterized by the presence of enlarged pores, corked seals, constant greasiness, the presence of black acne and inflammation. For a fat type of skin, face and back cleansing is practically the only salvation, as it is possible to improve the condition of oily skin only by eliminating the cause of troubles on the face and back, but this can only be achieved by normalizing the function of the sebaceous glands, which can be easily dealt with cleaning.

Dry skin. They do not have a fat gloss, and acne, and stuffy greasy pores on the skin. For this type of skin, the essence of the cleansing is as follows: during the procedure, thorough exfoliation of keratinous (dead) cells from the upper layer of the epidermis occurs. This allows you to actively stimulate natural regenerative and metabolic processes in the skin layers. Due to regular deep dry skin cleansing, there is a frequent renewal of the cellular balance, and the skin looks smooth and healthy.

Mature skin. Age changes on the face appear in the form of wrinkles, flaccidity of the skin, and spots of pigmentation. In the solution of age-related problems, the cleaning of the skin is not the last place, because in the process of cleaning the epidermis, there is a beneficial effect on all intracellular regenerative processes, due to which the natural rejuvenation of the skin is achieved and the appearance of the skin improves.

Is face cleaning helpful?

This question for every woman is most relevant in making a positive decision in favor of cleaning a person. Undoubtedly, mechanical cleaning is considered the most painful and traumatic procedure, during which the beautician manually or with the help of special tools clears the pores of the epidermis from pollution. The main advantage of mechanical cleaning is that during such cleaning it is impossible to “hurt” because the effect during manual cleaning is only on the problem areas of the skin.

What to do with face cleansing:

• Deep cleansing of the upper layer of the epidermis and expanded pores from contamination, dust, excess fat, dry cells, which allows the skin to be saturated with oxygen and nutrients of cosmetic products.

• Stimulates intracellular metabolism and regenerative processes, which leads to its natural rejuvenation and renewal.

• Skin coats can be prepared as an important measure because it is better to have decorative cosmetics and tan on a smooth and fresh skin.

Let’s summarize. Skin cleansing is a useful and necessary procedure for every person. This cosmetology procedure has a number of contraindications:

• Skin infectious diseases,

• Burns

• Herpes

• Oncological diseases

• Diseases of the circulatory and immune systems.

• Pregnancy


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