Season “short skirts” started!

Have you ever gotten prepared for it? Do you still consider this an effective way to combat unwanted hair, a razor and a depilator? It’s in the past!

Smooth legs-always remain must have in any season.

However, many avoid waxing, mainly because it hurts. However, if everything is done correctly, you will change your attitude towards it.

Conducting epilation at home is excluded, because for implementation, a person’s approach is required, which has passed the appropriate training and experience. Specialist selects wax depending on the type of skin and the structure of hair. And not only the legs, such care is necessary, therefore we offer hair removal following parts of the body:

Zone around your mouth

Hair removal from the nose

Zone of the groin





Intimate zone.

A modern woman does not want to spend time on the frequent removal of unwanted hair, frequent irritation, therefore chooses exactly the method of waxing epilation. Optimal hair length for wax epilation 3- 5 mm.

Men are more and more interested in this procedure, and there is nothing strange about it, men add a well-groomed look to the body and distinguish relief muscles.

It should be noted that there are also their contraindications for those who suffer from skin diseases, the body has warts and papillomas, boils and pimples. The prohibition is also on possible infectious diseases, such as herpes, scabies psoriasis.


It is not recommended to carry out epilation for people suffering from diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, as well as possible inflammations of the vascular system.

After the procedure:

During the day, you should not visit a sauna and a bath, apply different cosmetics to the skin. It is not recommended to sunbathe two days after the procedure.


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