How to cure alopecia without hormones and surgery

How to choose and apply the most effective solutions for hair loss 

Androgenic alopecia. It is a diagnosis in which the body undergoes a hormonal failure and there is an unequal amount of sex hormones in the blood plasma. Patients with this disease begin to actively lose hair, while on the head or body the so-called “balding spots” may form, not growing even the thinnest “vellus hair”. It may seem a common hair loss. A good shampoo and a mask plus a package of vitamins – and the problem is solved. In reality, patients with androgenic alopecia face serious difficulties which are not so easy to solve. It is often necessary to use difficult and quite radical techniques, such as hormone therapy. Treatment may be long and expensive, and the result is often temporary. Then patients just give up. However, our today’s story is not so sad. It is a story with a professional and talented doctor, a disciplined patient and a happy ending, when the only problem to be solved is too fast hair growth and constant need to get it dyed.

Hair Loss Treatment VS Hair Transplant 

“I have to undergo a surgery…,” with such words and tears in her eyes, our heroine came to see Dr. Myroslava Novosilska. It was about a hair transplant operation, one of the specializations and “highlights” in the work of Dr. Myroslava Novosilska, a trichologist, dermatologist, oncologist, contour injection specialist and founder of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic bearing her name. The procedure is undoubtedly effective, but still invasive and not cheap. But for patients with alopecia, hair transplant is often the last step in their attempts to regain healthy hair and self-confidence. 

Our heroine faced a similar problem. Her attempts to cure alopecia lasted for a long time. She used active hormone therapy, which brought a temporary result only- for a few months the hair grew back, but after she stopped taking hormone pills hair loss restarted with even faster rate, literally leaving huge balding spots on her head.

“Let’s try to do without surgery,” Dr. Myroslava Novosilska suggested at the time. The woman smiled with sadness and tears in her eyes, but still trusted the doctor. And the treatment began… 

Trichoscope: What Is It? Why is it useful in diagnosis and treatment of alopecia 

As Dr. Myroslava Novosilska explains, they started treatment with a detailed examination carried out with a trichoscope: “For my patients, the trichoscope always becomes the “starting point” in the treatment of hair problems. This tool allows both diagnosing the problem and showing a patient the real situation that needs to be worked with. This is exactly the case of the woman whose treatment we are talking about now. We started with a trichoscope, assessed the situation, identified the problem, prescribed treatment and started working,” Dr. Myroslava Novosilska recalls. 

First, the woman stopped taking hormone pills, which at that time had already clearly demonstrated their absolute ineffectiveness in solving her problem. Then, as Myroslava Novosilska explains, there was a trichoscope examination, trichological care and “non-intensive treatment”. And the result did not take long.

“Two months later, the woman received a layer of new, healthy hair, which almost completely covered the balding area on her head. This is our joint result with her. The result of our joint efforts because without her desire and willingness to work on solving the problem to achieve such an effect would be more difficult. And here we managed to find a common language immediately and this, in my opinion, is one of the main keys to success. The patient should trust his or her doctor, and the doctor should understand and respect the wishes and needs of his or her patient. Then the treatment will be easy, smooth and comfortable, and both parties will be satisfied with the result,” Dr. Myroslava Novosilska explains. 

According to the doctor, treatment process in this case was really easy and non-invasive. With the patient herself Myroslava met only once a month. Thus, the woman did not have to spend long hours at stretch at the clinic or taking tests. Everything happened as comfortably as possible and with respect for the patient’s personal life and schedule. The main condition is to strictly follow Dr. Myroslava’s appointments. And the first result can be seen in a month of treatment.

“I always urge my patients not to rush to pass hundreds of tests. In most cases, this is an unjustified waste of time, effort and, last but not least, money. The same goes for hormone therapies, which are now so popular with patients with alopecia. They are not always effective. However, they always have a side effect on the body. This story proves it vividly. I am sincerely glad that the woman addressed me with her problem. And though her initial goal was different – surgery, the result satisfied us both,” said Dr. Myroslava Novosilska and adds with a smile that now her patient has to deal with a radically different “problem” – “Now the lady complains that her hair grows too fast and she has to get her grey hair dyes often. In my opinion, it’s just a wonderful “problem”, taking into account with what we started”. 


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