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Physiological balance is extremely important for active longevity and beauty.

It is SO/check with the help of spectrophotometry that allows you to see the overall picture of your organism, identify an excess or shortage of trace elements, minerals, vitamins and the presence of heavy metals in just 10 minutes.

allows you toThe innovative technique  objectively assess your health status and prevent possible complications caused by a imbalance of elements.

so/check new type of diagnosticThis information motivates you to improve your health and, accordingly, your level and quality of life.

What information will you learn in SO/CHECK diagnostics?

  • levels of vitamins, trace elements and minerals;
  • state of the hormonal and digestive systems;
  • the nature of metabolism in the body;
  • possible poisoning with heavy metals in tissues;
  • assessment of heavy metal contamination;
  • assessment of the bioavailability of vitamins in tissues;
  • levels of oxidative stress that cause aging and numerous diseases;
  • diet assessment;
  • analysis of physiological functions;
  • analysis of cognitive functions;

It also provides complete and personalized assistance and informed advice to help you optimize your future health improvement action plan.

Testing on the So/Check platform is recommended:

  • for symptoms of chronic fatigue,
  • with reduced immunity,
  • with increased irritability and anxiety,
  • for chronic stress,
  • for problems with memory and concentration,
  • for recommendations on anti-age programs,
  • in case of sleep disturbance,
  • when working capacity decreases,
  • with excessive excitability,
  • after long-term treatment,
  • for residents of megacities,
  • for everyone who cares about their health and high quality of life.

There are no contraindications, and the procedure does not require prior preparation!

The patient’s testing time takes about 10 minutes.

результати діагностики So Check в Клініці естетичної медицини Мирослави Новосільської

Advantages of So/Check:

  • analysis without blood sampling and no injection interventions;
  • accurate and fast receipt of test results;


How exactly is the diagnosis performed?

The platform is a connected system with secure personal access.

The analysis is performed using a portable spectrophotometer connected to a computer.

SOcheck technology is based on spectrophotometry.


How is analysis going?

1.Fill in the required information.

  1. Scanning with spectrophotometry/ pulse oximeter
  2. Get the results on your computer screen and send them to your email address



CARDI/CHECK is based on the analysis performed by a pulse oximeter

Pulse oximetry continuously analyzes the amount of circulating oxygen in the blood. This is called saturation of arterial hemoglobin (a molecular carrier of oxygen to tissues). When hemoglobin carries oxygen, it is called oxygen seam hemoglobin.

It is the CARDIO/CHECK device that is used to measure your heart rate, the amount of oxygen carried by the blood, and provides accurate information about 5 indicators:

  • CardiFlex
  • CardiStress
  • setting up the autonomic nervous system (ANS)
  • cardiac coherence
  • espiratory tissue index

With this diagnosis, you will learn:

  • state of the cardiovascular system
  • flexibility of the arteries
  • stress levels and physiological possibility of its elimination
  • cardiac coherence
  • tissue oxygenation (respiratory index)
  • assessment of the autonomic nervous system.

How is the analysis going?

Step 1: Enter physiological data.

Step 2: insert your index finger into the oximeter.

Step 3. Data processing and analysis are performed.

Step 4. The information is sent to a secure server and stored there so that it can be used during the consultation.

The results can be viewed on your computer, and they are also sent to your email address.

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