Laser lipofilling – non-surgical transplantation of own fat cells in Lviv

Ліпофілінг – процедура з введення власного жиру пацієнта в певні ділянки його обличчя або тіла.

Myroslava Novosilska, MD, dermatologist-oncologist, trichologist-auto transplantologist, specialist in contour plastic surgery, owner of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, answers the question. The Clinic uses a new generation device produced in Israel – BeautiFill™, which is a unique novelty in Lviv for complex figure contouring.

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лазерний ліпофілинг у львові

What is lipofilling or lipolyph? And how is it used in the field of aesthetic medicine and body care?

Lipolyf is considered an innovative method that allows to successfully model the contours of the body using the patient’s own fat. Compared with liposuction, there is no need to perform surgery and apply anesthesia. In the process of this operation, the doctor pumps out fat cells from the patient’s problem areas and transplants them to other areas.

Due to the fact that the patient’s own fat is used, it perfectly takes root in another area, which after the procedure will have a natural appearance. In addition, any manifestations of allergic reactions are excluded.

Despite the fact that some fat cells are resorbed over time, the bulk is stored for 7-10 years.

Hence it is liposuction, but with the use of a laser? What is the advantage of this procedure?

Exactly. One of the most important advantages of this procedure is low trauma, because in the process of sampling the possibility of damage to the integrity of skin cells is excluded, which means that there is minimal risk of scarring.

Among the important advantages are:

  • Possibility to use local anesthesia if necessary.
  • When lipofilling the breast, you can completely abandon the previous prosthetics.
  • The most natural appearance of the correction zone after the intervention is preserved.
  • A safe method for each patient when using their own adipose tissue.
  • There is no need to make incisions on the body (without surgery).
  • Maintaining positive results for a long time.   

From which parts of the body can you pump fat and where to transfer?

The presented procedure is currently performed on the arms, legs, chest, buttocks, thighs and even in the intimate area. The specialist carefully examines the patient to accurately understand and determine: where the adipose tissue will be taken and where it must be transferred to create perfect body contours.

Most often, fat is pumped out of the most problematic areas in men and women. These are the thighs, abdomen, hips, arms, neck and knees. We are approached by patients who want to change the contours of their face, buttocks (correction of unsightly forms) and breasts (enlargement). It is in these areas that the patient’s previously collected biomaterial is most often injected. Buttock and breast correction is a very popular procedure among women of all ages.

Is fat somehow processed?

позбуватись другого підбобріддя

Of course, after its collection biomaterial must undergo a mandatory process of careful processing. To process the fat, it is cleaned and placed in a centrifuge. The resulting mixture should have a uniform consistency to easily pass through a thin syringe needle. In some cases, the resulting emulsion is diluted with the patient’s blood plasma or stem cells.

In the process of processing it is possible to get rid of unnecessary blood elements and already destroyed fat cells, getting a clean consistency.


How long does the procedure last? What anesthesia is used?

The duration of the procedure varies from 1 to 3 hours. It all depends on the area from which the biomaterial will be taken and the area where you want the cleaned consistency to be injected. The procedure is performed under local or combined anesthesia, depending on the patient’s pain threshold. Therefore, everything is individual.

Will the skin sag after the fat is removed?

When transplanting fat, in our clinic we use modern laser equipment BeautiFill™, which makes the procedure of collection, processing and injection of adipose tissue as safe as possible and at the same time short in time. With the correct transfer of fat from one area to another, the possibility of sagging skin is excluded, even in the most problematic areas of the body. When the laser beam comes into contact with the tissues, the blood vessels are cauterized, and therefore their rupture is impossible, as in the case of mechanical liposuction of fat. This minimizes traumatic effects and negative consequences in general.

However, it should be borne in mind that the effectiveness of body correction using the method of lipofilling may be minimal if the patient has an abrupt change in hormones or change in body weight in a short period of time.

What makes the skin more taut and elastic?

When heated by a laser, active reproduction of such important components for our skin as elastin and collagen is observed. Elastin is considered an important protein in the human body that is responsible for the elasticity of all connective tissues, and collagen is often called the main “building material” for connective tissues, which is responsible for the quality of our skin. Upon completion of this procedure, the whole body will look younger and more attractive.

Due to the unique capabilities of Alma’s modern BeautiFill laser, radial radiation together with thermal energy allows to effectively tighten the skin in a certain area.

Will there be scars after the procedure?

After lipofilling, no scars remain on the patient’s body, as it is in the case of surgery. This is due to the fact that the collection of biomaterial and subsequent injection of fat cells into certain areas is carried out through micro-accesses or using a syringe with thin needles, and after such minor damage to the skin surface no scars remain.

Due to the use of an innovative laser device in Lviv, it was possible to reduce the rehabilitation time after lipofilling, while improving the condition of tissues. It is a procedure of simultaneous generation and collection of fat cells, which significantly speeds up the whole procedure.

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